A Hexagon Table Topper


A Hexagon Table Topper or A Doll Quilt?

Recently, I had a chance to go through my stash of antique quilt blocks and tops when I found this little charming quilt.  There are some rough edges to fix, but I kinda like the unique and colorful fabric layout!


A Seed Pod


The seed pod of a Eucalyptus Tree

On a recent trip to California, I found this seed pod while on a hike in an area landscaped with all native plants to the region of the country. The day I was hiking there was a light, warm rain when I came upon a Eucalyptus Tree that smelled so wonderful I lingered there for as long as I could, because I love the smell of fresh Eucalyptus!  When I saw these seed pods (like the one in the picture above) on the ground all around the tree, they reminded me of buttons.


Take 2: Tan & Red Quilt


These hand pieced blocks are a version of the Hour Glass Quilt Blocks.

I found these blocks at a garage sale in Pennsylvania over 20 years ago.  The blocks  are hand pieced.  I used a red apron for the red blocks in the sashing and edging; the apron was probably sewn around the same time period the blocks were made.


I am looking forward to hand quilting this top!

Where ever you are, I hope you are well.


Hand Pieced Antique Squares


I’m laying out these 12 hand pieced blocks on the flannel wall.  I found these blocks in Pennsylvania.  They have been sitting like seeds waiting to see the light of day, and their time has finally come to be turned into a quilt.


The red fabric used for the sashing squares came from an old apron.

I’ll update you on the progress of this little blanket.

Blessings to you,