Scrappy Star Quilt


On the flannel board ready to be sewn together is a Doll Size Scrappy Star Quilt

When sewn, each square should come out to be 6″.  I’m still thinking about what fabric to use for the borders. The Scrappy Star Pattern is found in Katheleen Tracy’s book, Rembering Adelia:  Quilts Inspired by Her Diary.  This cute quilt can be made using triangles to piece the star points, but I am using the Marti Michell  Perfect Patchwork Templates Set E. The Perfect Patchwork Templates can be seen in the picture below.  


I have two more doll quilts cut out, and I plan to use whatever material is left over to make a postage stamp doll quilt.


I think these patterns are adorable!


I love the small prints and the cute design of this doll quilt I found in an advertisement in a magazine.  This picture was the inspiration behind the quilts I’m making now.  I admire anyone who can make fabric dolls and their darling outfits!

Enjoy the day!

A Doll Quilt


Charming Coins Doll Quilt

18″ X 22.5″

I sewed this little top together today using a Moda Fabric 2.25″ roll of antique small prints.


I discovered this cute book in my quilt library, Remembering Adelia:  Quilts Inspired by Her Diary written by Kathleen Tracy, and thought it had the best patterns for the roll of fabric I had.

I’m making as many different tops as I can until all of the fabric is used up!  I’ll be sewing another one tomorrow!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Quilted Paintings

Hayley-Dyer-Crazy-Quilt-Colored 1

My daughter, Hayley, posted some of her paintings on her web site  These paintings and more can be found by clicking Here   I encourage you to check out Hayley’s website, because you will find better picture resolution of her paintings.  This is just a sampling of her work!

Hayley calls this painting:  Crazy Quilt

Hayley Dyer Crazy Quilt full picture




This painting is called Purple


Purple painting full shot

Quilted Canvas

Hayley-Dyer-Quilted-Canvas-Grey and Black and Red

Hayley-Dyer-Quilted-Canvas-3-Grey and Black

Study in Triangles

Hayley's Rainbow Painting

Hayley Dyer Rainbow Triangles

Hayley's Rainbow Painting 2



A picture of the same painting in a different setting


Find more of Hayley’s art work at

Have a great day!

Otter Rock, Oregon


The steps to the beach near the Devil’s Punchbowl State Park

I went away this past weekend, and I planned on sewing a few small projects together.


A view from the balcony at the Inn at Otter Crest.


The State Park Sign designating the area of this natural rock formation.


The surf was loud, the ocean spray was creating foam, and the wind was fierce enough to blow my glasses off.


The inner lining of the rock formation has a beautiful design.


The waves crashing the entrance to the ‘Punchbowl.’


This same area yielded the first tulips I’ve seen this year.

I did not make progress on my projects, because once I unpacked my sewing machine and materials a wave of tiredness hit me, and I ended up resting for most of the weekend!  Maybe I’ll get more sewing done on the next trip!

Work In Progress

P1070393The “Leaves”  Pattern Throw Quilt Is In Progress and Will Be For Sale.

You can buy a piece of my handiwork!

When finished, this quilt should be approximately 55″ x 75.”


This is the layout of a pillowcase hanging on the felt board wall I’m also working on right now.

I’m trying to use up the squares that are left over from the queen size “Leaves” Quilt I made in October.


More pieces to make another Napping blanket?


These are left over squares I’m still thinking about what to do with yet!


It’s good to know I won’t run out of projects anytime soon!

Own a piece of my fabric art handiwork!  This blanket will be hand quilted, and I will keep you up to date on the progress.

This lap blanket will be for sale by clicking the STORE button found at the top of this post.

If you’re interested on the “Leaves” throw blanket, contact me at

Enjoy your day!

Give Me The Grace

P1070343Crab Apple Flowers in Bloom

Give Me The Grace


Give me the grace to care without neglecting my needs, 

the humility to assist without rescuing, 

the kindness to be clear without being cold, 

the mercy to be angry without rejecting, 

the prudence to disclose without disrespecting my privacy, 

the humor to admit human failings without experiencing shame,

the compassion to give freely without giving myself away.


~Juanita Ryan