My Next Project

My next project is a doll quilt for a cute little doll bed.


This weekend, I found a little doll bed and mattress at a second hand store.


I saved several of my daughter’s dresses from when she was young for a project like this.  I want to make a doll quilt for my grand daughter’s next visit.


I have an idea for a pattern in mind; I’ll keep you posted with how it’s going!

I hope the pieces of your life are coming together for you!




Going to the Next Level


I’m going to the next level of quilting with a used Gammill Long Arm Sewing Machine I found for a good price. The sunflower art collage on the wall was done by my daughter, Hayley, back in the day.


I had some help taking the machine, table, and rollers apart and setting it up in a room in my house.



IMG_2386We marked the parts with Crayola window crayons.


 Soma joined in the set up process.

I feel grateful to have this machine, as well as challenged and excited to learn something new. Now I have a lot of practice time ahead of me, because I have oh so many tops to be quilted.

Happy Saturday!


Making Quilted Tote Bags


I really enjoy working with fabric from different countries around the world. This little tote is made with tan material given to me as a gift from a neighbor’s trip to Israel.  The navy blue liner material is from Russia.  The quilted section is made of antique fabric pieces given to me in Oregon, U.S.

Tote Bag in progress

The first tote when it was ready to be sewn together.


The second tote is in progress. I’m hand quilting the pieces.

Tote Bags

I really like the shades of blue colors in both of these bags.

Hope you’re having a great day!

Happy Thursday!


Making Twine


I found this spool of fabric from a Good Will Store last week.  I’ve been working with some of my scrap fabric to make this…


Fabric Twine!

I found this idea from a woman named Cintia on her website:  <>.

The link below has a short video on how to twist the fabric together.

Scrapbusting: Handmade Scrap Fabric Twine

This has been a good activity to do in the evening, and I’m glad I have a way to use my scrap fabric.  I want to use this twine to tie a finished quilt project with my business card.

Happy Saturday!


“X” – Marks the Spot

I’ve been busy cross stitching!

Cross stitch Picture

I picked up a few cross stitch projects I started a few years ago. The golden cross weave edging was just being started when I found this project tucked away in a drawer the other day.


I’ve been using this pattern book:  Words to Stitch By:  8 Cross Stitch Designs by Lori Markovic produced by Leisure Arts


After a week of work, I finished this project today and framed it.  This is how it turned out.


I was inspired to finish another cross stitch project I started several years ago now…


I really like the folk art feel of this pattern.  This pattern is called, “The Angelic Three.”   I found the pattern  in Ohio.  It was created by Imaginating with Marilyn Clark, Inc., 645 S. Chestnut Street, Building A-1, Ravenna, Ohio 44266.


I have two more angels and a few stars to go!

I hope you’re are enjoying sunny days!


Just Peachy


The other day, I was scrolling through the pictures on my SD Card, when I came upon this picture taken by my son, Wes.  I wanted to share another one of Wes’ pictures with you to show the range of beautiful colors the Iris flowers have in our area.

Happy Sunday!


The Art of Making Quilts


The Quilt of Many Colors after it was done being hand quilted, and it was still in the frame.

I like this picture of a the child’s bed quilt I finished several weeks ago, because making a quilt is a process.  There is something healing to going through the process of creating and seeing a new blanket come into existance.

May you have many Happy Trails through this month of June!