A Souvenir from China


Just before I left China, I found this bag for sale in a porcelain tea shop. I love the square shape of the cloth bag, and its relative simplicity.  I have a thing for textile items!


This is what the inside of the bag looks like when it is open.  I brought four porcelain small teacups along with this bag and used it to carry the tea cups home to give as gifts to friends.

I love to find craft items from around the world, and I wanted to share this little treasure with you!

Happy Wednesday!


This One Is Almost Done


This flannel baby quilt with the echo circle pattern is close to being finished!  I’m tacking the Minky fabric to the front of the blanket, and it’s taking longer than I thought it would to do.  The water color markers used for marking the circles will all come out in the wash.


This is what the back of the quilt looks like.  I wasn’t sure how the Minky fabric would work to be quilted as it stretches, but it seems to be working out OK.

Happy Tuesday!



Peruvian Fiber Art Work

“Can an object go straight to your heart?”

~Sue Bender, Plain and Simple Jounal


At The Market ~ I love the craftsmanship that goes into the wall hangings made by the women in Peru!


And I love all of the colorful fabrics used in each piece.  This wall hanging was done by Mercada from Peru.


At The Vineyard ~ I like the energy and festiveness caught in each crafted piece!


This little wall hanging was hand made by Silvia in Peru!


~ Working On The Farm ~ This wall hanging was originally on a white t-shirt I bought several years ago. Using a seam ripper, I carefully removed the art work from the t-shirt  and placed it on this shaded pink fabric to preserve it. I hand quilted around all of the animals, the people, the house, the carrot patch, the stone wall, and all of the other special details in the picture.


I wanted to match the binding of the quilt with the fabric.  This is the first time I made a specialized binding like this, and I think it compliments the Peruvian Art Work nicely. The off white and blue bundle near the carrot patch is actually a person bent over weeding the carrot patch!

 I wanted to share the artistry of people around the world with you!

Have a great day!


The First Coat of Paint Is Completed!

“If we can listen and hear what is being offered, then anything in life can be our guide.”

-*Sue Bender, Plain and Simple


It’s Day 3 working on the new quilt room; I was pleased to finish the first coat of paint on the ceiling and the walls of this new space!


There is still a bit of work to be done, like caulking and painting the trim areas.  However, today it felt like I was turning the corner on this project!


So far, I have used 1 gallon of semi-gloss oil base paint around all of the windows and on the ceiling!


I have been working in the morning while it is still cool!


 The days have been beautiful, sunny, and warm in my ‘neck of the woods!’


The ceiling sky light area is brighter now that it is painted all white!

In another 3 or 4 days, I should be ready to move my first quilt into the room!

Stay tuned for more updates on this room and for more quilt projects!

*In looking for the pictures I plan to decorate the walls of the new quilt room, I found my quilt journal, Plain and Simple Journal created by Sue Bender, author of Plain and Simple.  My first journal entry is marked as December 1992. I love the unique quotes Sue Bender provided on the corners of the journal pages. I don’t want you to miss out on her wisdom. So, I will be sharing Sue Bender’s quotes with you every now and then!

Blessings to you this day!

The First Large Quilt…


This Will Be The First Large Quilt To Be Set Up In The New Quilt Room – an antique hand pieced Double Wedding Ring Quilt!


This weekend, I went to my first ever all fabric and quilting garage sale.  I met three handy and talented quilters and found this top for sale among the treasures being sold for a very reasonable price!


 I sent pictures of this top to a friend in Lincoln City, Oregon, and she claimed it as her own!   So sorry!  This one is not for sale, because this quilt is already “spoken for.”


I can’t wait to mark this quilt with the quilt patterns and put it in the quilt frame in the new quilt room!

P1080580I like the light colors of this quilt!  Soma was being curious and wanted in the picture!

Hope the pieces of your life are coming together for you!


Painting The New Quilt Room


Day 2 in The New Quilt Room – The First Coat of Paint With Soma Doing the Inspection!


I am working on the first coat with white oil base paint.  The walls are really absorbing the paint. So, I think this little space is going to take at least a second coat to cover the walls!


While painting this wall, I managed to splatter paint on Kaya, who if you didn’t know is all black!  I had to cut the dried paint spots out of her hair!  Which prompted me to remind myself next time:  Not To Let Any Dogs In The Quilt Room When I’m Painting!  With all of the windows in this room and the sliding glass door, I am staying cool while I’m working!  I think this room is going to be a really nice space to quilt and to take pictures of the quilts in progress!

Sunny Days To You!

~Love from Oregon

A New Place to Quilt


We’re Turning A Greenhouse Space Into A Room To Quilt – Kaya at the Entrance of the Greenhouse

My husband, Tim, offered up his greenhouse in the backyard near our garden to convert into a place to set up large quilts.  The goal is to have a tranquil place to quilt and to not take over anymore of the house with quilt projects!  This greenhouse was built by Tim two or three summers ago with all of the windows we had replaced on the back of our home.

Day 1 Clean Up


The Left Side of the Room Before


The Left Window Area After


The Ceiling






The Right Window Before


The Right Window After

The room is 10.5 feet by 9.5 feet.  There will be no problem setting up a large queen size quilt in this space.  I’m very excited to have a place to have my quilt sticks, quilt bucks (stands), and quilting thread all in one place!

When the space is ready, I have the first large quilt picked out to set up in this space.  I’ll show you that quilt soon!

Have a Great Day!

A True Story


I can remember sitting in the very classroom when my professor spoke these words, “We are wounded in relationship and we are healed in relationship.”

I was in my front yard, walking to the mailbox when I looked down the road and saw my neighbor, *Henry, lying in a pile in the street. He wasn’t looking so good. My mind instantly flashed through the few medical problems he struggled with over the years.

I quickly ran over to Henry and asked him if he was okay?  He grumbled, “I’m alright,” while swatting his arm at me suggesting not to touch him.  Henry seemed disorientated. I was able to help him sit upright on the curb of the sidewalk.

Henry’s house was not far away. So, I asked him, “Can I help you back to your house? Why don’t we try to go back to your house, and you can sit down?”

We sat on the curb of the intersection for a time. Slowly, Henry agreed he wanted to go back to his house. I helped Henry to his feet and we ambled carefully back to his house.

Just then some of the pain of what had been bothering Henry came out.

“You know, women are dirt,” he said to me.

“Well, this piece of dirt is helping you home right now,” I said in response.

Leaning on me, together we gimply limped back to his house, Henry poured out the story of how …… (fill in the blank with a female name) befriended him and took he and his father’s bank account information and robbed them both.  He just learned this woman had robbed others before, he wasn’t going to get his money back, and he felt bad he had let his Dad down.

As Henry explained how to open the door to his house, I said to him, “I’m so sorry this happened to you, Henry. It wasn’t right. That was a terrible thing to happen to you and your Dad.”

My response brought on a new telling of the story of how devastated and jaded he felt by this woman running off with his money, his friendship, and his hope in others.

All I could do was listen.

I offered to get him something to drink, to call for the local paramedics, “Can I help you in any way to feel better?”

Henry rebuffed all of my offers to ease his pain.

I brought up several different topics of conversation, but after I listened to the fourth or fifth version of the tale of betrayal, all I could think to say to Henry is, “I don’t know how to say this, but not all women are bad. There are good people in the world. Sometimes, it takes a while to find them.”

When Henry was stable and calm, I went back to my house.

I still keep an eye out for Henry and wave to him when I am driving passed his open garage door which he uses like a modern day porch to take in all of the activity happening in the neighborhood.  From time to time, we visit at the ‘mailbox watering hole’ (where a collection of our mailboxes are grouped together).

Even though I was not the one that hurt Henry, someone from my gender did hurt him. It’s been several years since our ‘dirt conversation’ happened.  It’s taken all of that time to build trust with Henry, but in time I hope my professor’s words come true for him, “We are wounded in relationship, and we are healed in relationship.”

*Henry’s name has been changed to protect his privacy.

Have You Ever Wondered?

P1080403Have You Ever Wondered What A Marionberry Looks Like?

A dear friend stopped by today and brought me a fresh batch of Marionberries!

(How Sweet!  Marionberries for the Marionberry Quilter!)  We walked, drank some water, and visited on the back porch swing.


I give thanks for the wonderful fruit that grows so abundantly in Oregon and tastes so sweet…

and for the dear friend who brought me Marionberries today!

It made my day!

Thank you!


A Fish Theme


A Salmon Fish Wall-Hanging

Not long after I moved from Pennsylvania to Oregon, I found a fun quilt shop in the neighboring city of Silverton.  This  fabric store has since changed hands and names over the years. However, I liked the nice selection of patterns and all of the fabrics needed to complete the projects. This is where I found the Salmon Fish pattern and the unique fabric to make the fish look like the Salmon found in the Pacific Northwest.


A close up of the materials used and the button hole stitch done by hand to outline each piece. I enjoyed finding different embroidery thread to match the different colors of the fabrics to make the fish.


This wall-hanging was made some 18 years ago to complete the fish theme in one of my children’s bedrooms.  Each of the Salmon pieces were ironed with lightweight reinforcement, pinned in place, and hand stitched with a button hole stitch to keep it in place. I hand quilted around the fish (stitch in the ditch) and added the vertical waves to mimic a look of water. I hand stitched a pocket for a dowel rod on the back and tacked the edging by hand.

Whatever you are doing, keep going!

I hope the pieces of life are coming together for you today!

A Checkerboard


This Is A Fussy-Cut Checkerboard Wall-Hanging.

By not cutting along the outer edge of the fabric, to fussy-cut is a way of cutting the fabric for the specific design pattern or image. The inner patterned pieces and the two end pieces were cut specifically for their patterns.


I made this for one of my young ones a few years ago.


This is what the back looks like. I machine sewed the top together and machine quilted it. The outer edging is tacked by hand.


~Made with love by Mama.

Light & Shadows


I was chasing the shadows across our garden shed last week.

I like to use this shed as a back drop to capture a picture of the quilts I want to work on or have already finished. The garden shed was built by the previous owners of our house and finished with a layer of recycled wood from a 100 year old barn.