The Progress on The Quilt Room


While I was visiting Matilda in California, Tim, was working on the wiring and the caulking in the new quilt room!


The quilt room has electricity, overhead lighting, outdoor lighting, and water.  Soma can be seen through the window!


  Tim does nice work.  Wouldn’t you agree?

He sealed the windows and the seams in the ceiling with caulking!


  Tim put the wiring in for the outdoor light.




 This is Kaya getting a drink of water, and the outdoor light we will be using.


Tim put the outdoor water faucet in place.


I contributed by doing the second and the third coat of paint. This ceiling piece needs to be hung back in place.


The quilt room is just days away from being completed!


I am so excited to have this new space to work on quilts!

Hope you are having a great day!


On An Evening Walk


Matilda Takes In The Evening View


Matilda and the Palm Trees

I had the best time with my grand daughter, Matilda, this trip. I treasure every moment we spent together. (We made one trip to the fabric store!)  Many thanks to her parents for sharing their little girl with me!  We had a good time!

A Matilda Break


I am in the sunny San Francisco Bay Area taking a break to spend time with Matilda!  (Please don’t tell anybody, but I secretly love spending time with her!)


Ever since she was born…


Matilda has climbed right into my heart!

I will be back in Oregon to finish painting the quilt room next week!  Just before I came to the Bay Area, I found a whole batch of antique quilt tops I want to share with you.  What I’m doing with all of these tops is beyond me!  I have a lot of work to do and many more pictures to share with you!  So, check back for more updates!

~Blessings to you and on all you do


Antique Quilt Squares

“Life’s all about moving your patches around.”

~Sue Bender, Plain And Simple Journal


I have a total of 20 of these antique blocks I found ‘back in the day’ in Pennsyl-Tucky.


They are hand pieced.


This is just a small sampling of the blocks I will work with to make a large quilt top!


The painting in the quilt room has been slowed by hot weather.  I will post more updates on the room after the weather cools, and when I start painting again.

I hope you have a Happy 4th of July!