Lent and Letting Go


So, I’ve been thinking about what to give up for the Season of Lent this year.  Each year I try to do something different…like drink more water, eliminate chocolate from my diet, eat smaller portions, do quiet acts of service, not buying any new clothes, etc.  Recently while driving around my neighborhood, I noticed the Hazelnut Orchards were pruned.  It occurred to me if the hazelnut trees need to be pruned, maybe this would be a good time to do a focused season of ‘pruning’ of the things…the ‘stuff’…accumulated around my house over the years and let it go.  I plan to do this in a number of different ways.

Yesterday, I went through two extra large plastic bins of upholstery fabric; I’ve been storing this material thinking someday, I would make a ton of cute teddy bears.  And well, no.  It’s not happening.  It’s time to let all of this material go. I emptied the bins and came up with 4 garbage bags full of different fabrics, loaded them into the car, and took them to Good Will. 


Today, I went through the garage and gathered the following items together:  Styrofoam, cans and glass bottles for recycling, cardboard, florescent light bulbs, a broken VCR player, and old window shades.

I loaded the car and went to the Fresh Start Market and Espresso on Center Street and Styrofoam Recycling Center in Salem, Oregon, to drop off the back seat full of Styrofoam.

Next, I drove to the Marion County Recycling Services on Griffin Road off of Route 22 to drop off the blinds, cardboard, florescent bulbs, and the broken VCR/DVD player.

Then, I traveled to the Bottle Drop Redemption Center on River Street in Salem, to take care of three bags of recyclables…which amounted to a little under 10 bucks worth.  Here in Oregon, recyclable cans, bottles, and plastic drink containers are worth .10 cents each.  My son, Ben, makes fun of me for going to the Bottle Drop.  He told me he thinks only homeless people go there.  In truth, I’ve seen all types of people there…soccer moms, teenagers, the oldies but goodies (older people). I explained to Ben why I go to the Bottle Drop Redemption Center.  It’s really simple.  I love when I’m done the machine pumps out the reward of cold, hard cash.  Oh yeah!

It’s nice to know we are at the beginning of Lent, because sadly, I have so much more ‘stuff’ to sort through.  I’m determined to work through this Season of Lent and letting go. It’s time to make space for new things to come in life.

Check back to see how I’m doing and for the creative ways I hope to clear things out of my house. Some of the things I want to go and to never return are a pretty decent leather Lazy-boy Recliner, an oak claw foot dinner table, old paint cans, books, and more.

Will I or won’t I be able to park a car in the garage this year?



Pictures from My Rail Trip


I took this picture outside of Klamath Falls near Modoc, Oregon while on the Amtrak Train.






The Wagon Train Cafe found in Truckee, California.



This picture was taken at 1:50 am.  I’m finally boarding the Amtrak Train to Salem, Oregon from Sacramento, California.

More pictures of this journey can be found at Marionberryquilter.com

The Safest Place on Earth


The Sunset in My Backyard Tonight

In 1999, Larry Crabb wrote a book titled,  The Safest Place On Earth:  Where People Connect and Are Forever Changed.  

 The safest place on earth when I was a child was school. I loved and admired my teachers.  These dear people were able to create the safest place to learn.  I studied to be a teacher, because I wanted to be just like them.

Where is the safest place on earth for you?


It’s Always Good…


It’s always good to finish a project.  I pulled this quilt out of the frame this morning!  I’ll be putting the binding on later today and finishing it!


As the band Queen sings in one of their songs, “Another one bites the dust.  And another one’s gone. And another one’s gone.  Another one bites the dust.”


A Modern Look

A Modern look on a Small Quilt made from a design by Heather Jones.


The finished look of my latest little quilt.


The little quilt being worked on while it is in the frame.


What I am most happy about is this quilt is going to a good home; it’s going to a new friend in California.

I love when the timing is just right and watching how things unfold in life!

Have a good week!