I carried my camera and the Traveling Doll Quilt in this tote bag on the trip across the United States. The tote came stamped with white printing from a Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Conference a relative attended.

I liked the size of the black canvas bag, and so sad to say…I didn’t want to rep (represent) the MIM Industry.  I found a fabric store in Reading, Pennsylvania and picked out several Bali fat quarters, a hexagon pattern, a glue stick, hand quilting thread, and embroidery floss. I washed the fabric in the hotel tub and let it dry over night (my family was so happy to have fabric hanging all around the bathroom…Ha…not).  Then, I cut the pieces out and hand pieced these blocks together.


Once the hexagon patches were together, I used the water soluble glue stick to hold the fabric in place and tacked the hexagons down with a buttonhole stitch.

Yep, that’s upcycling in the craft world.

Have a good day!


Update on the Morning Star Wall Hanging


I’ve been working steadily on this wall hanging and wanted to give you an update on where I’m at with the quilting.


Sunset and shadows on the quilt in the quilt room.


Kaya rested while I quilted.  I hustled and finished quilting all four stars to roll the edges once more!


I only have a little more quilting to do to finish off this wall hanging!


I hope things are going well in your ‘neck of the woods’…


and I hope the pieces of life are coming together for you!


A Poem: Lapel



You were a person who happened to have a suit jacket on that day.

Many hands lay upon a young woman standing stiff like a sunflower, head hanging in sadness with a child under two on her hip.

I heard the prayers, but not the words.  I was holding that child on my hip.

I felt the hands slip away from my tense tight back, arms, and shoulders.  You offered your lapel.

My head hung in shame covered with tears of humility.  All I could see was the lapel of your coat.  You were Jesus in a jacket.  For a flash in time, you met me where I was, and you offered me comfort when I could not help myself,  all in a moment on a small lapel.

 -Molly Elizabeth McCabe, 1990


Pictures of Sunflowers from our garden.

Progress On The Morning Star Wall Hanging


The Peach Morning Star Wall Hanging is coming along nicely.


Two ends are done being quilted and have been rolled towards the center.


I am working on the individual star blocks to get a sense of how much time the quilting will take to finish.


This is a close up of the hand quilting along the edge of the quilt.


Putting The Quilt To Bed:  When I am not working on a quilt, I cover it with an old bed sheet to protect it from being faded by the sun.


I like the ends of the sheet to hang over the edges to let the quilt rest.

The quilt is safe & sound until the next time I’m ready to work on it.

Hope you are having a great day!


Did You Know?

Tillamook Barn Quilt Banner Advertisement

Did you know all around the United States there are Quilt Trails?  Just like some people enjoy visiting all of the Frank Lloyd Wright Houses built across the U.S., there are others who tour these Quilt Trails, (or barns with quilt patterns on them).

Tillamook Barn Quilt Grey Barn

I just learned this week of a Quilt Barn Trail of 80-100 Quilt Barns in Tillamook County Oregon, only about a 2 hour drive from where I live. More about the Tillamook County Quilt Barn Trail can be found by clicking here:  Tillamook Quilt Trail Web Site.

Tillamook Barn Quilt Trail Green Barn

I am looking forward to doing this tour in Tillamook.  These are a few of the barns I am hoping to see along the trial.

Tillamook Barn Quilt Trail Yellow Rounded Barn

I am not sure my pictures will look much different than these pictures I found on the web, but I have never done one of these Quilt Trails, and as you know I love the allure of old barns and old quilts.  I am totally taken with the idea of a tour like this!

Tillamook Barn Quilt Intense White Colored Barn

According to the Tillamook Coast 2015 Visitor Guide there are over 3,000 Quilt Barns on the East Coast.

Tillamook Barn Quilt Trail Star Quilt

I can’t wait to go and show you more pictures of what I found!

May you find many Quilt Barn Trails on your journeys!


Fruit In Our Yard: Tomatoes!


Life On The Vine: Tomatoes are considered a fruit because they have seeds in them.


Here is a fresh batch of tomatoes from our garden!  This makes ten different fruits growing in our yard.


  I thought this was the last post I had to share with you of the fruit growing around our yard, but I was wrong. There is one more, and I will show it to you later.

Take care,


Updates To The Quilting Room


A Batch of Sunflowers with the Quilting Room Building in the Background


The new quilt room outdoor light was installed and is working!  It is very helpful for lighting the way back to the house after an evening of quilting.


The Curtains have been hung on the archway of the sliding glass door to regulate the temperature of the room which was designed for solar heat gain.  The curtains  are holding off the morning sun for as long as possible.


I couldn’t have asked for a better place to quilt year round!

Hope you are well!


On The Quilting Studio by John Ryer


The Quilting Studio

“If you ever want to eat at your dining room table again, help her set up a quilting studio. (It may only be a corner of the bedroom, but she’ll be happier if you call it her studio.)  Her quilting treasures must be stored somewhere.  Better in a studio than piles around the rest of the house.”



“Those boxes of fabric that my wife moved into our matrimonial love-nest multiplied with her trips to the fabric stores.  She explained that this was her palette.  It looked like a bunch of old rags to me, but being a sensitive, modern sort of guy I kept my mouth shut and built fabric shelves.  My wife was amazed (we were still newlyweds).  She said, “I can’t believe it; you went out and bought lumber and actually built me fabric shelves!  Touching stuff, eh?”


~from John Ryer’s Booklet:  A Husband’s Guide to Quilt Appreciation


I found John Ryer’s handy little booklet of 25 pages for my husband back in Pennsyl-Tuck (my way of referencing the Western Pennsylvania and the Kentucky Mountain Folk Area where I grew up).  I am not sure if Ryer ever turned this piece of writing into a hard copy text, (meaning a book…not a text message) or not.

Hope you’re having a great day!


Wash Day!


Today was a good wash day!  The Shadow Box Diamond In A Square Wall-Hanging Is Finished!


I machine washed this quilt on the delicate cycle and all of the colored pencil marks came out.



I really like how colorful the stitching looks on the back.


It took me 2-3 months to hand quilt this wall-hanging.  It is machine pieced with polyester black batting quilted with a combination of thread colors…black, aqua blue, red, bright pink, and purple.

Hope you are having a great day!


What’s New In The Quilt Frame?


The 38.5″ x 40″ Four Block Morning Star Wall Hanging Is In The Quilt Frame!  I am using Mountain Mist 100% cotton batting and a combination of different quilting threads from orange to baby blue to pink for the hand quilting.


The Antique Morning Star Blocks are hand pieced and were given to me from a friend.  I used complimentary fabric for the light blue sashing and for the outer light peach border.


I love all of the windows in the new quilt room.  This is the view I have when I’m sitting at the quilt frame!


Hope the pieces of your life are coming together for you today!