I Give Thanks…


I give thanks when I see resilience in action.

-A parent helping to support their child through college when he had to pay his own way through school.

-A parent goes on to be a thoughtful grand parent and great grand parent when her parents died when she was in high school, and she had no one to support her when she was raising her children.

-A college professor who brings his undergraduate students together to paint a house for a neighbor when he spent his childhood living as a missionary child with only one parent in a country in Africa.

-A teacher who never took a trip outside of the U.S. quietly financially supports several students to take a school trip to Europe.

I love catching people in quiet moments doing for others what was not done for them in  fresh, new ways and with no regrets. This is what I call pure hopefulness.

I took the above picture at sunrise this morning in Reno, Nevada.

Happy Thursday!

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