Letting Go Update


Picture taken by Ben Guenther

“When the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.”  -Leonardo daVinci

I want to share an update on my Lenten challenge of getting rid of unused items and cleaning out the garage. The work of sorting the garage came with the job of going through the boxes of my teaching material.  In my school materials, I found this picture taken by Ben Guenther who was one of my students.  He turned in this picture on a poster board for an art assignment back in the day.  I think this picture is striking…and I like how Ben caught this butterfly in such a majestic way.  I have more student art work to share in upcoming posts.

My Lenten cleaning challenge is about 60% complete. I have successfully moved about 5-10 big pieces of furniture to a relative who needed furniture.  It was fun to watch the 2 Papasan chairs, a couch, a work table, a set of bunk beds, a set of Corelle dishes, extra silverware, linens, etc, all loaded up on a truck.

I am planning a garage sale, a delivery of TY stuffed animals to my daughter’s house in Reno, a delivery of teaching supplies to a fellow teacher friend, a trip to the recycling center and a trip to the city dump.  After I’ve sorted through the garage, I am looking forward to parking a car on at least one side.

By far the hardest things for me to let go of are the boxes of my children’s art work and school papers.  I have a strong connection to that time of life.  It’s taken me years to let go of these papers.  Once I realized my children don’t want their special drawings from 1st grade, it struck me it really was time to let them go.

I’m determined to stop holding on to things and live in a more present and a more minimalistic style.

This process of “Letting go” has been very cathartic.

Happy Monday!