John’s Crazy Socks: March 21 Honoring National Down Syndrome Day


March 21 is  National Down Syndrome Day 

My sister, Patti, works at John’s Crazy Socks in New York.  She loves working at John’s Crazy Socks and often works with John one of the Co-Founders of the company.   John has Down Syndrome.

I am highlighting this cool sock shop, because I admire the vision behind the company. Patti told me the story of how the company started when John’s Dad hypothetically asked his son one day, “If you could sell anything, what would you sell?  And John said, “Socks.”  John’s idea turned into a business.

All kinds of crazy, zany, and fun varieties of socks can be found at their website:

John's Crazy Socks

Patti sent me this picture of the Sasquatch Loves Oregon Knee High Socks!  They’re so cute!

Patti is amazed with how everybody’s birthday in the company is celebrated; she enjoys the special Friday lunches, and invests energy in drawing a new design of socks for a contest held by the company.

John’s Crazy Socks has been featured on BBC and other news stations.  Found here:

Found on Facebook:  

On a side note, I just watched a segment cBig Dreams, Small Spaces on Netflix about a famous British gardener, Monty Dons, who helps people with their gardens.   One family featured on the show made a special sensory garden for their child who has Down’s Syndrome.  What I thought was so cool…was this particular family planted three apple trees that have an extra set of chromosomes called Triploid to honor their child.  Several varieties of apples with the Triploid Chromosome are Jonagold, Winesap, Mutsu, and Gravenstein Apples (more information found at

Wishing you a great week!