Grand Parenting in 2018

Face Time w Matilda

From My Phone:  A Picture of Matilda’s Doll House and Me

I don’t know what I’m doing as a grand parent.  Both sets of my grand parents had passed before I was born. Grand parenting in this day and age is a unique experience.  This weekend I visited with my grand daughter, Matilda, using Face Time.  Matilda was playing in her bedroom with her doll house.  She set her mother’s phone in one of the rooms while I chatted with her.  From this picture, it looks like I was put in the bedroom.  This was such a funny experience…talking with Matilda and somehow being apart of her play time, too!

My two requests during this conversation were…one, please don’t put me in the dollhouse bathroom, and two, don’t ‘red-button me’ which ends the conversation.

Have a great week!