The Mosaic Picnic Table

The mosaic picnic table top project is finally moving along.  I’ve had some activities and company at the house which slowed down the progress. This Thanksgiving weekend, I was able to finish the adhesive and grouting steps with the tiles.


The above picture shows the grouting work.  At first, I wanted to mix more grout to fill in the seams of the tiles…but I quickly learned too much grout makes cleaning the tiles 10 times longer.


With a little help  clearing the grout, this is what the table looks like now.

I’m considering a coat of epoxy to even the top of the table.  The November weather in Oregon is cool and damp, not the best time of year for epoxy to set.  I might bring the table inside the house to finish this last epoxy step.  The inspiration for making this table came from a visit to Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria in Santa Cruz, California.  I loved the different variety of mosaic table tops throughout the bakery.

I’m looking forward to the holiday season this year.

Wishing you the very best this time of year has to offer!


2 thoughts on “The Mosaic Picnic Table

  1. A very cool project! Good luck with the final step. If you still want to use it as a picnic table, the epoxy will make a nice sealed finish. Hats off to your creativity once again!

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