The Double Wedding Ring Quilt Went to a Good Home

Trina's Quilt

I’m so happy this antique hand pieced Double Wedding Ring Quilt is in just the right place…in the home of one of my friends.

P1080601 The above picture shows the top before it was marked and put into the quilt frame. This queen size+ quilt took me about two years to hand quilt.  I love the beautiful scalloped edges.

I’m really happy this quilt went to a good home!

In the past three months, I’ve sold the queen size Lewis & Clark quilt (posted on my blog about 2 years ago) and this Double Wedding Ring Quilt.  I’m so happy the sheer volume  of projects I have accumulated over the years has gone down.  It’s a great feeling to make progress on finishing quilts.  I am working on 4-5 large projects for friends and family members now.

I hope you have a great week~!