I’m Working on Another Pattern Today

Ruey's Fabric Trip

I was in Reno, Nevada with two people I really enjoy, my daughter, Hayley (left), and her friend since 5th grade, Ruey (pronounced as Ray, third from the left), and the math wizard in our home, Tim (on the right).  Ruey wants a hand made quilt for her bed, so we met and visited a few fabric shops together to help Ruey plan out a quilt to her liking.


 Ruey picked out the pattern above at Windy Moons Sewing Center in Sparks, Nevada. 


Hayley and Ruey are both very creative, brilliant with color shading, and gravitate towards solid colors.  They found some fabric at Windy Moon Sewing Center and some at the Mill End Fabric Store in Reno, Nevada.

Ruey's Quilt

They picked out the fabrics to turn the Coffee and Teal Quilt into a queen size quilt that looks more like the picture above.


With the help of Tim, the math wizard, I am enlarging the pattern to about a third size larger by increasing the width of the strips and enlarging the square for each block from 6 1/2″ to 9.”


And so the work on another quilt begins. I’m working on 6 or more projects right now. Keep following along to see where these projects take me!

Happy Friday!



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