One Large Antique Double Wedding Ring Quilt


  I found this very large hand pieced antique double wedding ring quilt top at a garage sale two or more years ago.  I’ve been hand quilting it on and off for a while now (…like several years).  This weekend, I finally finished the quilting!  In the picture above, I am unrolling the quilt out of the frame and removing the large thumb tacks from the 2″x 12′ board I used.

P1150038 This is what the quilt looked like as I was putting the finishing touches on it and before it was taken out of the frame.


I make my own binding using 2.75″ strips of fabric sewn together, folded, and ironed in half.  This is the first quilt with scalloped edges I’ve worked with, so I took my time sewing the binding onto the quilt.  This is, also, the largest quilt I have ever hand quilted. I will tack the binding onto the back of the quilt by hand. Then, I will wash it to remove the washable marker I used for placing the quilting design.

I can’t wait to deliver the quilt to my friend who has been waiting patiently for it to be finished!

Happy Monday!


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