I Give Thanks…

for a gracious friend from high school.


Above is a picture of my high school letter with some of the notes friends gave to me in high school. Back in the day, say pre Facebook and even pre cell phones, when we had school pictures taken we would have hard copies made of our pictures. We would write notes on the back of our pictures to various classmates.  With all of the hints I’ve dropped over the past few months of minimalizing my stuff, I’ve held onto the pictures of my high school classmates.  What I plan on doing with these pictures…well, that is a subject for another post.


I met John in homeroom of my sophomore year in high school…over 30 years ago now (…say it isn’t so).  Still friends in our senior year, we were voted the boy and the girl with the most school spirit by our class mates. Over the years, every time I’ve visited my hometown, John has been out of town. For over 25 years we have stayed loosely in touch, but we haven’t see each other in person.

Last summer when I visited my home town in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, I contacted John, and we had a nice phone visit. He was headed out of town that same weekend, so we weren’t able to meet. Since that time, we’ve stayed in touch via texting catching up on our lives where we are…for John, he is happily settled on the East Coast and for me, my tent stakes are on the West Coast.

Recently, I heard of a relative who lives in my hometown who needed a bed and a few kitchen items.  Living in Marion County, Oregon, I felt helpless to respond to this need, yet I wanted to do something. I thought of John and emailed him to see if he could help. Several weeks later, I received a text from him asking me if a bed was still needed. I checked and yes, the bed would be very much appreciated.  John set up a day he could deliver the bed to my relative.

After the bed was delivered, John texted me, “Done.”

I texted back, “Bless you for making this relatives day. It means a lot to me.”

John texted, “Friends forever.” 

I responded, “Thanks for being a good human being.  It warms my heart.”

How cool is that?

     A friend I haven’t seen in eons went out of his way to help someone I care about. I give thanks for John and for relationships that stand the test of time!

Only slightly gentrified people these days, I look forward to when we are in the same place at the same time, so I can thank him in person.


(Elizabeth is my Christian name)

The picture of John and me is used with both of our permission.  A version of the same picture was used in our yearbook.

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