I’m Working on Another Pattern Today

Ruey's Fabric Trip

I was in Reno, Nevada with two people I really enjoy, my daughter, Hayley (left), and her friend since 5th grade, Ruey (pronounced as Ray, third from the left), and the math wizard in our home, Tim (on the right).  Ruey wants a hand made quilt for her bed, so we met and visited a few fabric shops together to help Ruey plan out a quilt to her liking.


 Ruey picked out the pattern above at Windy Moons Sewing Center in Sparks, Nevada. 


Hayley and Ruey are both very creative, brilliant with color shading, and gravitate towards solid colors.  They found some fabric at Windy Moon Sewing Center and some at the Mill End Fabric Store in Reno, Nevada.

Ruey's Quilt

They picked out the fabrics to turn the Coffee and Teal Quilt into a queen size quilt that looks more like the picture above.


With the help of Tim, the math wizard, I am enlarging the pattern to about a third size larger by increasing the width of the strips and enlarging the square for each block from 6 1/2″ to 9.”


And so the work on another quilt begins. I’m working on 6 or more projects right now. Keep following along to see where these projects take me!

Happy Friday!



A Pattern I’m Playing With


This is one of the patterns I’m playing with lately.  Some people buy useful items or clothes for their birthday.  Me?  I buy patterns and fabric.


I found this pattern with the fabric included through Keepsake Quilting.  I’m looking forward to putting this quilt together.


A Souvenir from China


Just before I left China, I found this bag for sale in a porcelain tea shop. I love the square shape of the cloth bag, and its relative simplicity.  I have a thing for textile items!


This is what the inside of the bag looks like when it is open.  I brought four porcelain small teacups along with this bag and used it to carry the tea cups home to give as gifts to friends.

I love to find craft items from around the world, and I wanted to share this little treasure with you!

Happy Wednesday!


One Large Antique Double Wedding Ring Quilt


  I found this very large hand pieced antique double wedding ring quilt top at a garage sale two or more years ago.  I’ve been hand quilting it on and off for a while now (…like several years).  This weekend, I finally finished the quilting!  In the picture above, I am unrolling the quilt out of the frame and removing the large thumb tacks from the 2″x 12′ board I used.

P1150038 This is what the quilt looked like as I was putting the finishing touches on it and before it was taken out of the frame.


I make my own binding using 2.75″ strips of fabric sewn together, folded, and ironed in half.  This is the first quilt with scalloped edges I’ve worked with, so I took my time sewing the binding onto the quilt.  This is, also, the largest quilt I have ever hand quilted. I will tack the binding onto the back of the quilt by hand. Then, I will wash it to remove the washable marker I used for placing the quilting design.

I can’t wait to deliver the quilt to my friend who has been waiting patiently for it to be finished!

Happy Monday!


I Give Thanks…

for a gracious friend from high school.


Above is a picture of my high school letter with some of the notes friends gave to me in high school. Back in the day, say pre Facebook and even pre cell phones, when we had school pictures taken we would have hard copies made of our pictures. We would write notes on the back of our pictures to various classmates.  With all of the hints I’ve dropped over the past few months of minimalizing my stuff, I’ve held onto the pictures of my high school classmates.  What I plan on doing with these pictures…well, that is a subject for another post.


I met John in homeroom of my sophomore year in high school…over 30 years ago now (…say it isn’t so).  Still friends in our senior year, we were voted the boy and the girl with the most school spirit by our class mates. Over the years, every time I’ve visited my hometown, John has been out of town. For over 25 years we have stayed loosely in touch, but we haven’t see each other in person.

Last summer when I visited my home town in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, I contacted John, and we had a nice phone visit. He was headed out of town that same weekend, so we weren’t able to meet. Since that time, we’ve stayed in touch via texting catching up on our lives where we are…for John, he is happily settled on the East Coast and for me, my tent stakes are on the West Coast.

Recently, I heard of a relative who lives in my hometown who needed a bed and a few kitchen items.  Living in Marion County, Oregon, I felt helpless to respond to this need, yet I wanted to do something. I thought of John and emailed him to see if he could help. Several weeks later, I received a text from him asking me if a bed was still needed. I checked and yes, the bed would be very much appreciated.  John set up a day he could deliver the bed to my relative.

After the bed was delivered, John texted me, “Done.”

I texted back, “Bless you for making this relatives day. It means a lot to me.”

John texted, “Friends forever.” 

I responded, “Thanks for being a good human being.  It warms my heart.”

How cool is that?

     A friend I haven’t seen in eons went out of his way to help someone I care about. I give thanks for John and for relationships that stand the test of time!

Only slightly gentrified people these days, I look forward to when we are in the same place at the same time, so I can thank him in person.


(Elizabeth is my Christian name)

The picture of John and me is used with both of our permission.  A version of the same picture was used in our yearbook.

The Traveling Quilt from the Trip to China is Done


I am excited the traveling wall hanging from the trip to China is done.


I enjoyed working on this project, and I like the movement of the quilting around the circles.


This is the back of the quilt with a close up of how the cotton batting has  shriveled around the stitching after it was washed.  I feel satisfied with how it turned out; and I’m happy, because this wall hanging has a home to go to…back in China.

Hope you’re having a nice weekend!


Three of My Favorite Things

1.)  My favorite Facebook page is John Simpkins from Eastern Oregon.

His Facebook page says he is an Artist, Photographer and Designer.  I love his pictures and the pictures of his paintings in progress.   I first learned of his work and his love of community on Facebook on a PBS Oregon Art Beat Segment.  I’m amazed by how fast the community responds to any needs John may have, any where from advice on how to fix a computer problem, to wood, and cookies delivered in early November!


This is just one of the many cool pictures John recently took of St. Andrew’s School and the Teacherage where he lives and works; it was taken on May 25, 2017.

2.)  Flor Creative design found at https://www.flor.com/ sell carpet squares made from recycled fishing nets.  

Flor Creative Design children

They come in a variety of colors and patterns.  This flooring is one of my favorite things, because I love the geometric patterns that can be created.  They are durable, and when they are finished being used the company takes them back to be recycled into new squares.  Recently, I saw these carpet squares in a home I visited; they were good looking and durable. Company’s like Google use this product.

Check out their web page to see the variety of the products they sell.

3.)  HoleRoll Roller Blinds and Window Shades found at http://holeroll.com/en/

I just saw this online today, and I’m fascinated by them.

HoleRoll Blinds

I think this is a great idea…When I was teaching blinds like these would have really created a cool looking space, not to mention how they would have helped with making power point presentations easier to see on sunny days!  I can honestly say I have not tried this product, but I want to buy them to see what they are like.

Happy June 1st!