A Few of the Blogs I Enjoy


I took this picture this morning while I was running some errands in South Reno, Nevada.  This is a view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in May.

There are several blogs I’ve come to enjoy over the years, and I wanted to share what I like about them; these blogs are listed in no particular order.

http://www.thepioneerwoman.com – I like Ree Drummond’s blog because she shares the gentle humor found in life, and because when I watch her cook, she makes me think I really can cook like her (in all honesty…I’m pretty iffy in the kitchen).  I admire that she graduated from Stanford and has written books, children’s books, and cook books, as well as doing a cooking show and opening the Pioneer Woman Mercantile Store in her hometown of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  What has come out of her blog, she and her husband, Ladd’s, ranch, and her cooking abilities is rather remarkable.

http://www.bedlamfarm.com – I like John Katz’s blog for several reasons. One, John is dedicated to taking pictures and posting about his life experiences, writing sometimes 3-6+ posts a day.  I really enjoy reading about he and his wife, Maria’s, experiences caring for their animals and farm in New York. Maria makes quilts and other creative textile projects. What I find remarkable about John’s blog is his ability to fund raise for various projects using gofundme.com with the thousand of followers of his blog.  Just in the time I’ve been reading his blog, he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with his readers, who he refers to as the Army of Good. I really admire the bloggers who are able to connect organizations and needs with their readers, and John is one of the best at doing this. Also, Maria is remarkable at selling pot holders, wall hangings, and quilts to raise money to support their farm and women’s needs around the world.

https://robertbrancatelli.blog/author/rbrancatelli/ – I enjoy reading Robert Brancatelli’s weekly blog, because his writing is truly a ‘slice of life’ from the personal perspective of living in New York City, New York.  Being as I live in Oregon, I enjoy reading about life in the city on the East Coast, and I like how Robert shares his perspective…with much humor.  Robert writes a weekly blog, and in these modern days, I would say his posts almost have a life sermon like kind of a lesson within them.  I think he is an exceptional communicator.

http://mackmarie.com – This is a blog by Mackenzie who lives in the San Francisco, California Bay area.  She is a runner, a nurse, a blogger, and a foodie.  What fascinates me about Mackenzie’s blog is her ability to connect with so many other bloggers.  This past December, she requested recipes and favorite desserts her readers and fellow bloggers liked.  She created a Mingle and Jingle blog post where she made like 10-12 of the recipes and set each baked good on a table to be displayed and shared what item was made in response to which blogger.  Again, I admire bloggers who are gifted in connecting their readers with each other and making a technological way for people to come together and have a chance to meet.  It’s stunning!



– These are the blogs I follow for their photography and gathering new ideas for taking pictures.

I hope you’re having a good week!