Ganzhou, China


Yoneda and Mr. Tom


Our hosts for the day, plus a little hiker who joined our picture.


Climbing the mountains of Y Shan


The views were so pretty!P1130866

This bridge is at the top of the mountain with many restaurants.


A building at the top of the mountain.


Mr. Tom and Yoneda at the top of Y Shan Mountain.


The mountain was very busy because it was May 1, a holiday weekend in China.

This was a very fun experience.

Happy trails to you!



I Spy

P1130660When my children were young and we be on a long trip, we would play a game called, “I Spy.”  The game would go like this:  Each person had a turn to say, “I Spy with my little eye something ___________ (fill in the color name, red…etc.)”  Then we would all start guessing what that colored item could be until someone named the item.  In a similar way, I feel like I am almost playing I Spy with my camera.  I want you to see some of the beautiful things I see.


Life along the Caogang River

P1130646There was so much teeming around the Caogang River in The Ancient Town.


The river has a life all of its own!

P1130628After a long day with tourists…


these women float along the water and clean any garbage out of the river. I love how they are preserving their environment.

In the meantime,


I have been making good progress on my quilt!

Love to you from China!