Craftspeople of the Shanghai Area and Their Beautiful Products


Considering all of the products that can be made in China, these are my favorite, because they are made by hand.


I loved watching this artist paint flowers using a thick brush and a gentle stroke of the hand.


This craftsperson is engraving a copper plate.


This is a hand dyed and hand painted silk scarf.  The artist was depicting the journey from Rome, Italy to Shanghai, China.  This material felt luxurious and was for sale for 2,000 RMB or about $300 hundred US dollars.  I was very tempted to buy it, but I decided to enjoy this picture more.


This person is working with silver; he is making different pieces of jewelry.


This craftsperson is making a comb from an antelope horn.  He is using a lighter to heat a corner of the comb…which he then smoothed over with his hand.


Combs made of Antelope Horns are ready to be sanded and smoothed into shape.


This craftsperson is hand painting the inside of bottles.


This is what the finished product looks like.

  I am grateful to these crafts people for allowing me to take pictures of them and their work, because I really admire items made with skilled craftsmanship.

There are more pictures to come.


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