A Poppy found in a Garden in Nevada


Who knew something so prickly looking…


could blossom into such a pretty flower!


 I’ve had a lot of time to think about things when I make the 9-10 hour drive from Oregon to Reno with a broken stereo system and a mercurial blue tooth speaker.  I really enjoy the drive, because it is beautiful and scenic, especially at this time of year. I have many more thoughts to share of this journey of life.

I saw this flower while I’ve been visiting Reno, Nevada.  I encourage you to look for the beauty that surrounds you.

Happy Friday!


A Few of the Blogs I Enjoy


I took this picture this morning while I was running some errands in South Reno, Nevada.  This is a view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in May.

There are several blogs I’ve come to enjoy over the years, and I wanted to share what I like about them; these blogs are listed in no particular order.

http://www.thepioneerwoman.com – I like Ree Drummond’s blog because she shares the gentle humor found in life, and because when I watch her cook, she makes me think I really can cook like her (in all honesty…I’m pretty iffy in the kitchen).  I admire that she graduated from Stanford and has written books, children’s books, and cook books, as well as doing a cooking show and opening the Pioneer Woman Mercantile Store in her hometown of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.  What has come out of her blog, she and her husband, Ladd’s, ranch, and her cooking abilities is rather remarkable.

http://www.bedlamfarm.com – I like John Katz’s blog for several reasons. One, John is dedicated to taking pictures and posting about his life experiences, writing sometimes 3-6+ posts a day.  I really enjoy reading about he and his wife, Maria’s, experiences caring for their animals and farm in New York. Maria makes quilts and other creative textile projects. What I find remarkable about John’s blog is his ability to fund raise for various projects using gofundme.com with the thousand of followers of his blog.  Just in the time I’ve been reading his blog, he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with his readers, who he refers to as the Army of Good. I really admire the bloggers who are able to connect organizations and needs with their readers, and John is one of the best at doing this. Also, Maria is remarkable at selling pot holders, wall hangings, and quilts to raise money to support their farm and women’s needs around the world.

https://robertbrancatelli.blog/author/rbrancatelli/ – I enjoy reading Robert Brancatelli’s weekly blog, because his writing is truly a ‘slice of life’ from the personal perspective of living in New York City, New York.  Being as I live in Oregon, I enjoy reading about life in the city on the East Coast, and I like how Robert shares his perspective…with much humor.  Robert writes a weekly blog, and in these modern days, I would say his posts almost have a life sermon like kind of a lesson within them.  I think he is an exceptional communicator.

http://mackmarie.com – This is a blog by Mackenzie who lives in the San Francisco, California Bay area.  She is a runner, a nurse, a blogger, and a foodie.  What fascinates me about Mackenzie’s blog is her ability to connect with so many other bloggers.  This past December, she requested recipes and favorite desserts her readers and fellow bloggers liked.  She created a Mingle and Jingle blog post where she made like 10-12 of the recipes and set each baked good on a table to be displayed and shared what item was made in response to which blogger.  Again, I admire bloggers who are gifted in connecting their readers with each other and making a technological way for people to come together and have a chance to meet.  It’s stunning!



– These are the blogs I follow for their photography and gathering new ideas for taking pictures.

I hope you’re having a good week!


Coming Home


Early morning fog burns off in Ganzhou, China.

My time in China has come to an end.  After traveling on a 12 hour flight (…yikes!!…) to Los Angeles, California, US then on to Portland, Oregon,  I’m safely back at home!

It is my hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures of this trip, as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Thanks for following my journey!

Join me for what is to come ‘around the corner’ of life.



“I’m going to Chii-NA!”


In a recent conversation with a relative, I was reminded of Saturday mornings when my brothers and sisters, and I were young children.  My Dad would come down the steps and head for the front door.   Each week, we would call out to him to ask him where he was going, because we knew he didn’t have to be at work.  When we asked him where he was going, he would turn toward us and reply,

“I’m going to Chii-NA!”

To which I remember asking him if I could go along with him, and he would said, “No.”

My Dad would open the front door.  As the memory plays out in my mind, I can hear the door close and the screen door slam shut.  With that, he was gone on a mysterious trip for the day; he was really running errands all morning. I was left not knowing where he was going, when he would return, and an ever lingering hope of the chance to go to this mysterious place some day.

 Life has a funny way of working itself out.  So many years later, It seems ironic that one of his 8 children left the US on a Saturday morning for a trip to China. I’m so glad I was able to go away on a mysteriously long journey of my own to an exquisitely beautiful country.


Mei Pass, Jiangxi, China

Hiking an ancient trade route…the Mei Pass to the next province.


This is the start of a steep mountainous trail.



An ancient bell surrounded by a grove of bamboo.

The Plum blossoms line this trail bloom in December and January.


I believe this sign is saying not to pull the branches down to reach the plums.


The best way to collect the matured plums is to use a long piece of bamboo to shake the branches to let go of the fruit, as this woman is doing in the picture.



The passage way to the next province.


Crossing over to the other side.




Yoneda, Tim, and Liangyou

 I don’t know if I will ever have the chance to pass this way again, so I found myself savoring the experience of hiking this trail on a lovely day.  My favorite part of this trip was spending time with the people, sharing meals, and seeing China from a whole new perspective.


Ganzhou, China


Yoneda and Mr. Tom


Our hosts for the day, plus a little hiker who joined our picture.


Climbing the mountains of Y Shan


The views were so pretty!P1130866

This bridge is at the top of the mountain with many restaurants.


A building at the top of the mountain.


Mr. Tom and Yoneda at the top of Y Shan Mountain.


The mountain was very busy because it was May 1, a holiday weekend in China.

This was a very fun experience.

Happy trails to you!



I Spy

P1130660When my children were young and we be on a long trip, we would play a game called, “I Spy.”  The game would go like this:  Each person had a turn to say, “I Spy with my little eye something ___________ (fill in the color name, red…etc.)”  Then we would all start guessing what that colored item could be until someone named the item.  In a similar way, I feel like I am almost playing I Spy with my camera.  I want you to see some of the beautiful things I see.


Life along the Caogang River

P1130646There was so much teeming around the Caogang River in The Ancient Town.


The river has a life all of its own!

P1130628After a long day with tourists…


these women float along the water and clean any garbage out of the river. I love how they are preserving their environment.

In the meantime,


I have been making good progress on my quilt!

Love to you from China!


Craftspeople of the Shanghai Area and Their Beautiful Products


Considering all of the products that can be made in China, these are my favorite, because they are made by hand.


I loved watching this artist paint flowers using a thick brush and a gentle stroke of the hand.


This craftsperson is engraving a copper plate.


This is a hand dyed and hand painted silk scarf.  The artist was depicting the journey from Rome, Italy to Shanghai, China.  This material felt luxurious and was for sale for 2,000 RMB or about $300 hundred US dollars.  I was very tempted to buy it, but I decided to enjoy this picture more.


This person is working with silver; he is making different pieces of jewelry.


This craftsperson is making a comb from an antelope horn.  He is using a lighter to heat a corner of the comb…which he then smoothed over with his hand.


Combs made of Antelope Horns are ready to be sanded and smoothed into shape.


This craftsperson is hand painting the inside of bottles.


This is what the finished product looks like.

  I am grateful to these crafts people for allowing me to take pictures of them and their work, because I really admire items made with skilled craftsmanship.

There are more pictures to come.


Shanghai, China


There were many beautiful sights in the gardens and shopping area in downtown Shanghai, China.


I thought these turtles were so cute!


I don’t know the name of this bird, but it looks like a pretty cool looking crane.

Stay tuned for more pictures!