The Traveling Quilt


The traveling quilt is at a statue in front of the Film Museum in Shanghai, China.

This picture looks oh, so innocent, but in this day and age when a foreigner walks up to a statue with a backpack and takes something out and places it at the base of it and steps away, well let’s just say this can be considered somewhat suspicious behavior.  Of course, I did all of these things not thinking I could be posing any kind of danger. I was going about my business when I dug into my backpack again for my camera.  As I went to take this picture, three security guards came walking my way.  They looked intently at the statue and I heard them talking with the familiar, “Oh-hh.” They looked at what I was doing and then walked by me.

Yes, the family member with me who continued into the museum without me, (so I could take this picture) just told me now as we are sitting in the hotel room, he was thinking to himself when he left me, “I hope she doesn’t get arrested.”

 This is the kind of trouble my quilt work is getting me into these days!


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