The Traveling Quilt is Ready


This little 33″ x 33.5″ wall hanging has been fun to put together.  To make a smaller quilt for traveling purposes, I visited the FedEx Store this weekend and had the Meridian Pattern by Alison Glass reduced to 70% to create a smaller block.  I made new plastic templates and began the layout using fabric a friend brought me from Singapore.


  I will mark the lines for the quilting design tomorrow using Crayola washable markers.  I have a small, yet sturdy, PBC Piping frame that is great for quilting on trips.  I’m looking forward to posting cool locations with the progress of this project.

Life has been full, busy, and messy.  Working on quilt projects (more specifically, working with my hands on projects) is my way of bringing balance to the many changing seasons over the years.  I’ve been having computer problems that need to be resolved. The tug of the minimalism movement keeps poking and pulling at my heart.  My biggest problem with minimizing what I own will be letting go of all of the books I have.  I really wish there was a way to return the hard copy book I already own into Amazon and have a copy of the same title sent to my Amazon electronic book account; I need to work out a plan to take care of this concern.

Hope you’re doing well!




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