The Next Traveling Quilt


I’m playing around with these fabrics from Singapore a friend gave me from a business trip over a year ago.  I can’t tell you what part of the country (or the world) I’m going to be taking pictures with this quilt.  You’ll have to check back and see if it is as cool of a place as I’m thinking it will be.


I like to have something to work on when I’m traveling, so I thought I’d try this Meridian Pattern by Allison Glass.  I have a few more blocks to make.


Like most projects, I thought the curves would be hard to make, but it turns out they are not too difficult to put together.


Using a thick template material, I cut out all of the stencils.  Following the directions and using the right stencil, has made this project come together nicely.

I’m glad I have fabric to work with and work still to be done…as I have like 7 or more projects going right now.

I can tell another time of transition is coming in life.  It’s time for me to go on to the next activity, go on to the next season in life.  I’m not sure how it is going to unfold, or even what all of  “it” is.

In the mean time, I promise some really cool pictures of a really cool place. Check back soon.

Happy Tuesday!


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