Coloring Eggs with Onion Skins


I found this idea on Facebook. When preparing meals, I asked family members to save onion skins.  After I had a lunch bag full of onion skins, I boiled a handful or so of the onion skins with one to two cups of water.

Using greens from the yard, I placed a leaf on the unboiled egg, wrapped the greenery in place with pantyhose, tied the pantyhose in knots as needed, and placed it in the pot with the onion skins to boil for 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes, I turned the heat off and let the eggs soak in the cooling water.


After soaking and removing the pantyhose using scissors, this is how the eggs look. Allowing the eggs to spend less time in the onion skin liquid will probably produce a lighter shade.   Now I want to make a batch of eggs using purple cabbage.

Happy Monday!


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