Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

2 Boys and a Reflection in the water Shanghai

I loved seeing these boys playing on the steps near the river; their reflection in the water looks like a water painting.  It was a beautiful day to visit the Ancient Town in Zhujiajiao, considered the Venice of China.

I have a few more pictures to show you of this area.  I find the people I’ve crossed paths with to be so beautiful looking.  They have a charm all of their own.


Zhongfu Soft Spinning Material Mall


I took a taxi from my hotel to this Material Mall


This is what it looked like inside the mall. Shops full of fabric and tailors minding the store where you can pick out the fabric of your choice and have it made into something that is hung on display in the shop.


I was looking for fabric to give to a friend in the US and also, for myself.


I found two shops where I could purchase a meter of fabric for a fair price. (Please excuse my unmade bed.)


Along the way, I was craving chocolate.  Ever wondered what a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar looks like in Shanghai, China?  This is what I found.

Happy Friday to my friends in the US!  We are on to Saturday!


The Traveling Quilt


The traveling quilt is at a statue in front of the Film Museum in Shanghai, China.

This picture looks oh, so innocent, but in this day and age when a foreigner walks up to a statue with a backpack and takes something out and places it at the base of it and steps away, well let’s just say this can be considered somewhat suspicious behavior.  Of course, I did all of these things not thinking I could be posing any kind of danger. I was going about my business when I dug into my backpack again for my camera.  As I went to take this picture, three security guards came walking my way.  They looked intently at the statue and I heard them talking with the familiar, “Oh-hh.” They looked at what I was doing and then walked by me.

Yes, the family member with me who continued into the museum without me, (so I could take this picture) just told me now as we are sitting in the hotel room, he was thinking to himself when he left me, “I hope she doesn’t get arrested.”

 This is the kind of trouble my quilt work is getting me into these days!


Shanghai, China

If you want an amazing place to visit…


I recommend traveling to see The Bund and Huangpu River


I’ve never seen anything like it before!



Exploring the city with Yoneda


The shopping area on Nanjing Road was so urban.

O Happy Day!


A View of Downtown Beijing from a Beautiful Restaurant


The building that looks like a needle is a Television Tower in Downtown Beijing with a revolving restaurant.


Here are a few pictures looking out over Beijing from the restaurant of the Television Tower I took with my phone.



As the day turned into evening, this is the view of the city from the observatory deck.



This is a view of the television tower and restaurant from the parking lot.

What a wonderful experience!


A Temple – Look Out Building



After climbing many steps, this temple and look out building had a breathtaking view of The Forbidden City and of Beijing.


I loved seeing the decorative wood work found on the ceiling and on the eaves.


 The craftsmanship was incredible -eye candy really!


The views of Beijing from this building were really quite stunning!


A gated corner of The Forbidden City


The tall needle looking building is a television tower with a rotating restaurant similar to the Seattle Space Needle. The views of Beijing are breath taking from the restaurant. I was fortunate to have dinner there and to watch the sun set over the mountains.  I will post more pictures from there later.


Beijing has a bicycle ride share program where for a small fee a bike can be used and left in any part of the city.  This picture was taken from the National Museum of China in view of Tia Nan Men Square to the right, and the television tower in the distance to the right.

I’m loving every minute of this trip!

Hope you are having a great day!


I Give Thanks for a New Friend


Meet, Yoneda, our interpreter; she is gifted in speaking Japanese, Chinese, English and probably a few more languages (like speaking business tech language to engineers and scientists).

She has been a tremendous help!

This is a tote bag I made to thank her for her help on this trip.

Thank you, Yoneda!

The Forbidden City in Beijing, China



The doors into the different parts of the Forbidden City were huge and dramatic!


It was so fun to watch people taking pictures of their family and friends.


The architecture was stunning and intricate at the same time!

P1130315 P1130306

Touching the head of these symbols is said to bring good luck and good health.



The traveling quilt makes an appearance on a large copper container.


A silk appliqued bed quilt


There is so much to see in Beijing!


I have so many more pictures to share with you, including an eventful ride on a Tuk-Tuk.

I will be posting more pictures each day.

Thanks for taking in the beauty of Beijing with me!


East Meets West

There are so many beautiful places to see in the world. I consider it is a privilege to be going on a  trip for business and for pleasure.  Come along with me on a trip to China!


I have never been to Beijing or Shanghai; because these cities are new to me, I think this is going to be a wonderful experience!  I can’t wait to explore this part of South East Asia!