Making Something New


I’m making steady progress hand quilting the antique wedding ring quilt in the frame.  Every time I think I’ve put in a good effort, I realize I have a bit more to quilt.  One afternoon this week (to give my fingers a break from hand quilting), I went through my stash pile, and I found a bag of arches made of antique fabric.  A friend here in Oregon gave me these wedding ring arches already sewn together.  Each arch is only a quarter of one of the rings shown in the picture, and I have about 20 or so to use.

In thinking of a way to use these pieces, I wanted to go with a more modern look, so I sewed four quarter arches together and made a few rings.  I pressed the edges of each ring and used a water soluble glue stick to keep the rings in place on a white piece of fabric.  I’m going to use a button-hole embroidery stitch to tack the edges of the rings in place, as well as adding a border or two.  The finished product will be a baby sized quilt.

Have a good weekend!


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