The Safest Place on Earth


The Sunset in My Backyard Tonight

In 1999, Larry Crabb wrote a book titled,  The Safest Place On Earth:  Where People Connect and Are Forever Changed.  

 The safest place on earth when I was a child was school. I loved and admired my teachers.  These dear people were able to create the safest place to learn.  I studied to be a teacher, because I wanted to be just like them.

Where is the safest place on earth for you?


It’s Always Good…


It’s always good to finish a project.  I pulled this quilt out of the frame this morning!  I’ll be putting the binding on later today and finishing it!


As the band Queen sings in one of their songs, “Another one bites the dust.  And another one’s gone. And another one’s gone.  Another one bites the dust.”


A Modern Look

A Modern look on a Small Quilt made from a design by Heather Jones.


The finished look of my latest little quilt.


The little quilt being worked on while it is in the frame.


What I am most happy about is this quilt is going to a good home; it’s going to a new friend in California.

I love when the timing is just right and watching how things unfold in life!

Have a good week!