Mendicant Pup


Soma, the Basenji Pup

In the Fall, the little Basenji we were hosting was diagnosed with Fanconi Syndrome.  In this picture, she was so cold one day…I wrapped her in a wool scarf. Later, I bought her two different sweaters which she promptly chewed.   We worked with the veterinarians, at Creekside Veterinary Clinic,  to get to the bottom of what was plaguing our pup.  By late December, all of our nursing and medical and vitamin treatments weren’t helping her, and Soma was put down.

It’s been a strange experience caring for a sick pup…putting more and more energy into her while at the same time seeing her decline in front of our very eyes.

All to say, I loved her, and I’m going to miss this little creature’s presence.  I’d like to give a special thanks to Dr. Leanne Eggert and the team at Creekside Veterinary Clinic for all of their care.


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