Little Quilts for Christmas Presents!


I’ve been hustling to finish a project for a friend…9 little quilts!  Today, I delivered 7 of them!


I’ve enjoyed making these gifts, because there is nothing like a handcrafted present for a friend or a relative!


7 down…2 more to go!


 A bonus gift…a little Christmas ornament.

I hope everything comes together for your holiday plans!


If You Are in the SoHo Area of New York City…

If you are in SoHo New York City, could you stop at Restaurant Ato?

Restaurant Ato can be found at 28 Grand St, New York, NY 10013. 


I would like you to stop by and tell the Chef, William Shen, “Mrs. McCabe in Oregon said ‘Hello!'”  


William was one of my high school students I came to love and admire!  Gee–I miss him!

I want nothing but the very best for William!  Can you let him know I’m thinking of him?

Thanks so much!


P.S. If you happen to talk to William, can you let me know in the comments section?

Mingle & Jingle!!!

A great idea by Mackenzie…and a great way to meet other bloggers!

Welcome to my first ever hosted Meet & Greet! Come on in, make yourself at home, and meet some amazing new people 🙂

Simply leave your link to your blog/other social media in the comments, tell us a little about your blog if you want, make some new friends, and reblog only if you wish!

In my last post I asked you all what your favorite type of cookie was- and there was a reason for this!! I did my Christmas baking this weekend and used all your suggestions to try something different from my usuals.

Hence, at this Mingle & Jingle, I have your favorite treats (which quickly became my favorite too!). Thank you for allowing me to expand my horizons this Christmas baking season; I loved the different traditions that I learned about and incorporated. Plus everything was absolutely delicious!!!!

img_4131Gingerbread cookies (Peppernuts) for Lauren & Bernadine !

img_4120Snickerdoodles for

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A Miniature Sewing Machine


This miniature hand turn sewing machine was found at a second hand store.  I haven’t figured out how the bobbin works, otherwise the machine seems to work. I like the art deco design on the machine. It’s so cute!

How small is it?


The base of the machine is only a little bigger than my rotary cutter.

I like the little things in life.

Hope you’re having a great day!