Hand Pieced Tumbling Blocks


I cut these diamond pieces at the same time I cut out the pieces for the Scrappy Star Quilt.  Each ‘cube’ is being hand pieced and is made of three diamonds.


It’s counter-intuitive to hand piece, yet I find I really like piecing fabric with my hands. I enjoy hand piecing, because it feels like I am putting a puzzle together.


I am working on the lay out arrangement and adding at least three more rows. I’ve been repainting a bathroom, and in the evening it has been relaxing to put these ‘cubes’ together.

Hope the pieces of your life are coming together!

Happy Tuesday!


Working on the Scrappy Star Quilt


The Scrappy Star Quilt is marked, basted, and ready to be quilted. I’m using a 23″ wooden hoop to hand quilt this little wall hanging.


Where do you find a 23″ hoop?  I found this one a few years ago at a garage sale.

Hope the pieces of your life are coming together!


2 New Quilts For Sale at The Bottle Works

Bottle Works Building 2

The Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center in Cambria City, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

photo (6)

There is nothing as satisfying as seeing something you made on display and for sale!


This completed “Leaves” lap quilt  68″ x 49.5″ is for sale for $210.00 at The Bottle Works!

The hand quilted blanket is out of the frame.  The dark design lines have been washed out, and the binding is in place.


This hand pieced and hand quilted antique Grandmother’s Flower Garden 43″ x 41″ is for sale for $135.00.


It has been great partnering with Angela Rizzo and The Bottle Works.

If you’re in the area, I encourage you to stop in and visit The Bottle Works for the Ethnic Festival over Labor Day Weekend!

Have a great day!


Bottle Works Logo

Scrappy Star Quilt


This is the next little quilt I will be quilting.  The pattern comes from the book, Remembering Adelia:  Quilts Inspired by Her Diary by Kathleen Tracy produced by That Patchwork Place.

photo (5)

I thought I would hate it…but then I tried it.  What did I try?

Hand Piecing.

With all of the modern tools I have, why do hand piecing?  When I was traveling, I didn’t have a sewing machine, and I still wanted to put a project together. That’s when I discovered I really like piecing  by hand. I cut this project out over a year ago; so when I came home, I pulled it out of a drawer. While watching the Rio Olympics, I’ve been hand piecing the blocks of this Scrappy Star Quilt.


After each square was pieced together, I used my sewing machine to sew a row together.


I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this little quilt.

Happy Monday!




I carried my camera and the Traveling Doll Quilt in this tote bag on the trip across the United States. The tote came stamped with white printing from a Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Conference a relative attended.

I liked the size of the black canvas bag, and so sad to say…I didn’t want to rep (represent) the MIM Industry.  I found a fabric store in Reading, Pennsylvania and picked out several Bali fat quarters, a hexagon pattern, a glue stick, hand quilting thread, and embroidery floss. I washed the fabric in the hotel tub and let it dry over night (my family was so happy to have fabric hanging all around the bathroom…Ha…not).  Then, I cut the pieces out and hand pieced these blocks together.


Once the hexagon patches were together, I used the water soluble glue stick to hold the fabric in place and tacked the hexagons down with a buttonhole stitch.

Yep, that’s upcycling in the craft world.

Have a good day!


The Little Traveling Doll Quilt

is home! 

My daughter’s doll and dresses from when she was young…started out looking like this…


began to take shape…


and has criss-crossed across the United States…


from Portland, Oregon…


to The Statue of Liberty…


to the Inclined Plane in Johnstown, PA…


to Cupertino, California…


 and is finally home in Marion County, Oregon.


Cheddar is checking out the baby doll and the new quilt!

The Doll Quilt finished size is 19.5″ x 17.5″.

This has been a fun project!

Thanks for making the journey with me!


Cupertino, California


The Little Traveling Quilt makes it to Cupertino, California at the construction site of the Apple Campus 2. Ever since I turned on my first Apple iPhone and the default setting was for Cupertino, CA, I have been intrigued where Cupertino was located and where the Apple Campus was found.


The new circular Apple Campus Building in progress.

  Also, a few years ago now in a  random timing of events, I happened to see on TV one of Steve Jobs’ last presentations before he passed.  The presentation was this particular construction petition to the Cupertino City Council for consolidating the Apple campus with this circular building.

On a recent trip I made, I was surprised to find this building, and to see the progress of it being built.  I find the power of companies that produce the technology I use very interesting, and I wanted to share it with you.

Hope you’re having a good weekend!


Steepest Inclined Plane


The Inclined Plane in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

After high school, I babysat for a family that lived near the top of this Inclined Plane. Back in the day, my Dad would drop me off somewhere near the bottom of this transportation…and I would ride the inclined to the top to go to work for the day.


This is known as the World’s Steepest Vehicular Inclined Plane.


Cars, motorcycles, bikes, and people can load on to a car at the top of the hill or at the bottom of the hill.


This is the view from the top of the Inclined Plane.



The cars are close to passing each other.  We are on our way down.


Making our way to the bottom of the hill.


At the bottom of the hill, the gate opens for us to exit. Thanks for taking the trip down memory lane with me.

Hope you’re having a great day!