Sisters Scrap Quilt of Many Colors

Sisters Scrap Quilt of Many Colors Made at the Stitch’in Post in Sisters, Oregon.

I saw this quilt posted on Facebook.  I was drawn to the colors, and I thought I could give this quilt a try without a pattern…just make a quilt from a picture.  I have to admit I’m terrible at doing projects without a pattern.

I grew up in a time when art class was doing the exact picture of what the “Art Teacher’s Work Looked Like.”  There was no free wheeling or doing things your own way, that wasn’t considered art or doing it right.  Just for the record, I loved my art teachers and my art classes; they were all great!


I’m so nervous about doing projects like this that I stayed up last night and made my own pattern by drawing a set of rows I want to piece together today, so I would have something to follow.


I already have all of the scraps!

In all honesty, it is very difficult for me to even visualize, let alone lay out, and sew together a top totally from a drawing in my mind without a plan or some kind of structure. So, that’s my confession…I’m terrible and very nervous about not using a pattern or some formula I’m familiar with when making quilts.


This is what I have sewn so far.  I’ll admit this project has been both hard for me and good for me at the same time.


I’m about 2/3 of the way done.  You wouldn’t know it when you look at it, but I’ve done more ripping out of seams and colors on this top than any other quilt I’ve worked on before.


I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Happy April!



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