My 1st Quilt Show at the Bottle Works in Cambria City, Pennsylvania

Christmas Quilt in Quilt Show

I made this!

I can’t believe my very 1st quilt show is in my Hometown of Johnstown, Pennsylvania!  My Mom entered this top into the quilt show, and then told me about it.  I made this flannel Christmas wall hanging 20+ years ago for a Christmas Present for her.  This little 24″ x 24″ wall hanging is in the Cambria City Bottle Works Quilt Show Today through May 8.

I’m so excited!

Bottle Works Logo

More information can be found at

and at their Facebook Link:

Bottle work Quilt Show 2016f

My Little Quilt is hanging on the wall at the Bottle Works! 

Here are a few more quilts on display at the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts:

bottle work Quilt Show 2016

Bottle work Quilt Show 2016b

Bottle work Quilt Show 2016c

Bottle work Quilt Show 2016d

Bottle work Quilt Show 2016e

Bottle work Quilt Show 2016g

Several of the tops I made from my Etsy Shop will be for sale there!

I am completely excited!

Hope you’re having a great day!


Bottle Works Building

Local  newspaper link:


Library Book Arrangement


I saw this idea in a magazine, and as I’m running out of library space to hold all the books I have, I thought I’d give it a try!


  Throwing out the idea of following the ISBN Numbers or even having the collection of books by the same author together, I’ve arranged the books by size of the text to use all of the shelf.  I find organizing my books to be a cathartic process for me.

Hope you have a good day!


How Many Quilts Am I Quilting at One Time?



1. The Antique Double Wedding Ring is in the quilt room.


2. The Vacation Quilt…I still have some quilting to do on this treasure.


3. The Leaves Throw Blanket still has a bit of quilting to go until it is finished.


4. The Multi-Colored Quilt is coming along nicely!

 I have a bit of hand quilting to go until I’m finished working on these tops!

Happy Monday!

Whatever you are doing today…Keep Going!


What I Am Working On Today


I am tacking the binding on the quilt on the left and putting a button whole stitch on the 12 Dresden Plate squares I have.


I have a few trips planned for this summer, so I am already planning for the best hand project to work on when I hit the road.  I recently did an inventory of the projects I have in my quilt cabin, the projects I have started, and the projects ready to be quilted. I counted over 50 projects to finish.  I think I should be able to find something that will keep my hands busy while I’m on the road.

May the pieces of your life come together for you today!



Our Garden Grows


Soma and Kaya inspect the new blueberry plants.

The posts are in, and the Marionberries and various Blueberry Plants are ready to go.


The building in the background is the quilt room.


Soma is being curious!  Another view of the Marionberry and Blacberry Plants.


We also planted a new Pear Tree!  I love eating fresh pears!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!


Planting Marionberries

We’re adding new plants to the garden this year!


We’re planting Marionberries; they are a type of blackberry created in Marion County, Oregon.   Morning Shade Farm is where we purchased the plants.  This year we are also planting a variety of Blueberry plants that are new to us!


Here is a picture of the flowing buds of the Marionberry plant.



The ground was rota-tilled to prepare for planting.


The posts going in to support the new Marionberry  and Blueberry patch.

The quilt room is in the foreground.  My there have been some warm and beautiful days in that room lately.

Hope you’re having a good weekend!



Scrap Colored Quilt


I finished this little quilt top made of scraps from past projects.


I wrestled with how to put this quilt together.  Even though it looks simple to make…It was a challenging project for me. I’m learning I’m not gifted at working without a pattern in mind.


When I am putting a top together my hope is for each piece to find a home.  This little blanket is going to a good place…I’m quilting this top for a child’s first bed!

Hope you’re having a great week!


Another Antique Quilt Comes Together


Hand Pieced Blocks from Pennsyl-Tucky!

Before I moved to Oregon, I found these blocks at a second hand sale.

This is what they looked like when I first showed a picture of them on my blog a few months ago.


This is another project whose time has come to finally  become what it was designed to be…a cool blanket!


There is something about the colors of the fabrics used to make these blocks that give this quilt a unique texture and design to it!


I pressed each block and sized the edges to be a 9 1/2″ square. I plan on adding one more boarding onto this single bed sized quilt, and then I will quilt it.

I hope you’re having a great weekend!



Sisters Scrap Quilt of Many Colors

Sisters Scrap Quilt of Many Colors Made at the Stitch’in Post in Sisters, Oregon.

I saw this quilt posted on Facebook.  I was drawn to the colors, and I thought I could give this quilt a try without a pattern…just make a quilt from a picture.  I have to admit I’m terrible at doing projects without a pattern.

I grew up in a time when art class was doing the exact picture of what the “Art Teacher’s Work Looked Like.”  There was no free wheeling or doing things your own way, that wasn’t considered art or doing it right.  Just for the record, I loved my art teachers and my art classes; they were all great!


I’m so nervous about doing projects like this that I stayed up last night and made my own pattern by drawing a set of rows I want to piece together today, so I would have something to follow.


I already have all of the scraps!

In all honesty, it is very difficult for me to even visualize, let alone lay out, and sew together a top totally from a drawing in my mind without a plan or some kind of structure. So, that’s my confession…I’m terrible and very nervous about not using a pattern or some formula I’m familiar with when making quilts.


This is what I have sewn so far.  I’ll admit this project has been both hard for me and good for me at the same time.


I’m about 2/3 of the way done.  You wouldn’t know it when you look at it, but I’ve done more ripping out of seams and colors on this top than any other quilt I’ve worked on before.


I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Happy April!