My Grandmother Is An Addict

…of fabric and quilting supplies.

I sometimes wonder if my grandchildren will think I’m an addict when they think of me and my fabric, sewing, and quilting busy-ness.

Like for instance, when it comes to my quilt stencil box, I wonder if I will ever hear my grandchildren say to me…

“We’re going to cut you off here…No More Stencils For You…You don’t need any more…You have (and have had) enough!”

Ha!…Ha!…Ha!  I hope so.

Just the thought makes me smile!


An ordinary box holding extraordinary patterns

Over the years, I’ve collected stencils from all over the United States.  This box is slightly worn, but it is the best place to store my stencils to keep them flat and ready to use.


I have various sizes, shapes, and designs of stencils for marking quilts.

As I think about marking a quilt, I appreciate all of the options of ideas the various stencils provide.  I become very intoxicated with the whole design process of making a quilt from the fabrics used…to the pattern used…to the fabric layout of a quilt…to the quilting design.  By the time I’ve start the hand quilting…I am so relaxed and excited at the same time to see the project come to fruition!

O happy day!


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