The Leaves Quilt

I started this lap quilt in March of 2015.  You can see the progress at this link:


The top is 55′ x 73″ and is in the quilt frame ready to go.

It is January and the days are cloudy, and much of the time it is raining outside.  I decided I need some color in the house to pick up the energy.  I think having a colorful quilt in the frame is like vitamin “Q” for my soul…Quiet, reflective Quilting!



  I am using a whole cloth of an evergreen color for the backing and 100% cotton batting.  


The quilting of the back ground is going quickly.


I’m using various hand quilting thread to highlight the leaves.


The peach leaf

I have a total of four quilts in frames at this time.  I’m still learning where this quilting adventure is going.  I have many more quilts to go!

This lap quilt is for sale when it is finished being quilted!

Hope the pieces of your life are coming together.


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