A Special Gift: A Memory Quilt of Dad’s Shirts


Wool Yarn from Vermont Used to Tie a Special Quilt

This summer  I met some nice people who wanted a special gift made for a member of their family, a blanket made from the shirts of their father who had died suddenly.   Though the family is still grieving, they recognized that one member would know she was cared for if she had her own blanket of memories from her dad.


Working with the first blocks on the flannel board wall in my cabin.


A close up of the first blocks


The Memory Quilt in the Frame

The blocks on the flannel wall looked too random to me.  Using a set of three shirts at a time, I put the rectangles into groups of three and rotated the fabric in each block, so they were more coordinated and the over all look was more cohesive.


The quilt rolled on the right side.

 Whether I’m tying a quilt or hand quilting it, the set up is the same.


A close up of the tied knots

Although the plan is for everyone in the family to each have their own lap size blanket made, now that one member of the family has a memory blanket all of them are anxious to have their own quilt to remember their father.

Within hours of this quilt coming out of the frame, the edging put in place, and washed, it was delivered to the family.

The family shared with me that the daughter said it was one of the best gifts she’s ever been given!

How cool is that!

I hope you have a good weekend!


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