Sewing with Ease

Best Wishes to You for a Happy New Year!


Blades Pinwheel Quilt

Have you ever wondered after a quilt is set up on the flannel wall how to sew all of the pieces together without losing the pattern ?


A handy size flannel board tool is helpful.

I have an 18.5″ x 20″ flannel board I made to transfer the pieces in the order I want to sew them.


The mini flannel board easily sits beside my sewing machine.


Flannel Board Materials

You can make your own mini flannel board tool by using a piece of foam board poster board and a solid light colored piece of flannel fabric.  Grocery stores, craft stores, and fabric stores sell foam poster board.

Why use flannel fabric?

Because all fabrics cling to flannel

Why use a solid light color of flannel?

The pieces of the project will stand out. 

Directions for making a mini flannel board:

1.)  Measure an 18.5″ x 20″ section on the foam board and cut it out using scissors.

2.)  Measure the white (or neutral color of your choice) flannel to be one full piece in 42 inches in length and 19 inches (to 19.25″) wide.

3.)   With the fabric right sides together sew the shorter side seams together.

4.)  Turn the fabric inside out, so the soft right side of the flannel is on the outside and the seams are now on the inside of the little ‘pocket’sleeve.

5.)  Place the piece of foam board into the sleeve.  Trim the foam board as needed to have a snug, but not too tight of a fit in the sleeve.

6.)  Fold and pin along the top seam.

7.)  Hand stitch with matching thread to hold in place.  (I hand stitched the seam closed, because I could not figure out how to sew the seam closed with the presser foot options I have for my machine.)


I’ve used my mini flannel board for at least 12 years now.

May you have a great 2016!


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