1977: My Favorite Holiday Drink as a Child


This is a craft I made in Mr. Pisulas’s 6th Grade Class at St. Patrick’s School in what was once an easy going steel city suburb called Moxham and from what I have heard is today one of the roughest parts of town.  It would not be cool to say you are from ‘Moxham’ these days…but there I said it.  I am from Moxham…back in the 60’s and 70’s.

The year I made this craft I was eleven years old.  I was energetic.  I could tell you all of my teacher’s names from 1st grade through 6th grade… (and today, all my homeroom teacher’s names through high school)  I loved walking to school on my own; I even loved wearing our school uniform.  I loved going to school, my teacher’s, and learning!  I played outside with my neighborhood friends until the street lights came on at night, captured lightening bugs in a jar, and sat on the front porch with a blanket during thunderstorms.

The Following is the Recipe for My favorite Holiday Drink as a Child:

1 two liter bottle of Ginger ale or 7 Up

I can of frozen fruit punch mixed with water in a pitcher

1 quart – a half gallon of Orange Sherbert

Directions:  Using a large punch bowl, mix the Ginger Ale and the fruit punch together.  Add the Sherbert just before guests arrive.  The Sherbert will float on top of the liquid.  Add more Sherbert as needed to refresh.  Serve with a touch of the Sherbert floating  on top of the drink in each glass.   Enjoy!

Hope you’re having a great day!

~Molly, named for my paternal grandmother…Elizabeth S.

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