Peruvian Christmas Stockings


Three Handmade Peruvian Christmas Stockings…One for Each of My Children

I found these unique stockings in Pennsylvania shortly before we moved to Oregon.  Hayley, Ben, and Wes each can claim one as their own.


I am attracted to the 3 dimensional people, the animals, the skilled hand work, and most of all the colors used in each stocking!


Each Manger Scene Is Uniquely Designed!


I like the playfulness and vibrant sense of life depicted on each stocking!


The Blue Stocking’s Manager Scene Up Close!


The third stocking!


The Top of The Third Stocking


The Manger Scene of the Third Stocking!

The rain has stopped for a little bit today, enough for me to nab these pictures!  I hope all is going well for you wherever you may be!


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