She’s Such a Doll


The Green and Purple Charming Coins Doll Quilt is Finished!


What started out looking like this…

Charming Coins Purple And Green Quilt II

has turned into a cute little quilt for a doll!


This summer my neighbor gave me this fabric (pictured below).  As I looked around my sewing cabin all of these colors started coming together until I saw the quilt take shape in my mind.  I enjoyed working with the color arrangement of fabric pieces for this quilt!


I usually can envision what the finished project will look like before I’ve even cut the fabric.  The top is machine pieced together, marked with Crayola Washable Markers, and hand quilted with purple thread.


To create the shrinking around the hand quilting, I used 100% cotton batting and washed the quilt in warm water and dried it in a dryer when the edging was tacked in place!

Hope the pieces of life are coming together for you!



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