A Lone Star Quilt Made by Yvonne


This is the Queen Size Lone Star Quilt Yvonne, my quilt teacher, machined pieced.  Friends from Weaver Mennonite Church quilted this blanket by hand as a gift for me over 20+ years ago.  This is when I lived in Pennsyl-Tucky and where the quilt was made.


The trick to sewing a quilt like this is cutting the exact same sized pieces and sewing a quarter of an inch seam with each piece, so the quilt will flatten evenly when it is on a bed (or a shed…for taking pictures).  If the piecing is off or the sewing is not spot on, the quilt will pucker like a little fabric volcano at the center of the quilt.


As you can see, Yvonne is a gifted seamstress, quilt template design arrangement extraordinaire, excellent at using engaging colors, and a master hand quilter!


This is why I fell in love with her quilts, and this is where the seed of desire was planted to make something just as warm and homey for my family.

I give thanks for Yvonne and her craftsmanship abilities, and her patience with me (and my little ones) back in the day!  I give thanks for talented people who can use their gifts to bless and teach others.  I know my life has been blessed in several ways by knowing Yvonne.

Hope the pieces of your life are coming together!


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