For the Love of Quilting


For the Love of Quilting

How did I learn to quilt?

I learned to quilt by way of apprenticeship.  Yvonne was a woman who babysat my children when they were young, and I fell in love with the patterns, the look, and the feel of her quilts.  She specialized in making Lone Star Quilts and then donating them to fundraiser auctions. Once my interest in how quilts were made started, the grip of learning as much as I could by asking questions and simply by being around the people who made these quilts stoked a fire of creativity in me.

Watching a gathering of women working on a large quilt during a quilting bee, I couldn’t help but notice how many of the quiltersI met in Western Pennsylvania wore antique filigree rings.  I was drawn to the the intricate platinum metal work with the diamond set down in the ring.  In my mind, I associated the filigree ring with good quilting, and I really wanted one. Perhaps if I had one of these rings, I would be a good quilter, too, is what I thought. Several years into this informal quilt training time, we found such a ring from a jeweler in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have since found two more of these rings and have given one to my daughter, Hayley, and the other to my daughter-in-law, Lesley.

I have done hand quilting on pre-printed baby size quilts to practice perfecting my stitches since I was 20 years old and made my first quilt when I was 26.

I can say it’s been a good journey!

I hope the pieces of life are coming together for you!


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