Patterns In Nature


Patterns In Nature:  The Sunset From Our Backyard!

Have you ever heard the saying?:  Red at night, sailors delight.  Red in the morning, sailor’s warning.

The meaning of the saying is if the sailor sees red in the evening sky, the next day is predicted to have nice and sunny weather.  If the sailor sees red in the morning sky, then a storm is coming his/her way. 

Tillamook Quilt Trail – Part I


Out and about this weekend in the City of Tillamook, I captured a few pictures of the   Walking Quilt Block Tour of the many wooden quilt block signs hanging inside of businesses and outside on stores, on churches, and on city municipal buildings. The above sign was found on the Tillamook County Courthouse Building.


The Quilt Trail of Quilt Blocks can be found in the City of Tillamook and on the surrounding barns and businesses in the rural County of Tillamook.  This blog post will focus specifically on the quilt signs found in town.


Using a computer print out of the map from the TILLAMOOK QUILT TRAIL.ORG Web site it was fun to do a walking tour to find these quilt patterns uniquely tucked into places around town.


The pictures look more interesting to me with the quilt sign placed in the context of what is happening around it.


I hope you enjoy looking at these quilt patterns as much as I enjoyed taking pictures of them.



It was fun to use the map as a sort of Hide & Seek experience in locating the quilt blocks.


It was a warm and sunny September day in the Highway 101 Area!


I have just a few more pictures to show you!


A Thrift Store


I found Quilt blocks on small businesses…


and on large businesses, too!


Check back, because I have more pictures to show you in another post!

Happy Monday!