Out and About in San Jose!


I made a stop into the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles located in San Jose, California this week!


I saw many vintage looking tops. I’m pretty sure this is a picture of a Snowball Quilt.


And I saw many new kinds of quilts like this top.  This is a project completed by youth from the Santa Clara County Department of Corrections Elmwood Facility


There were old quilts on display.


There were large quilts to see.  This is one of the largest quilts I’ve ever seen.


There were unique quilts, like this quilt one made of film strips lit up with a light box.


This is a close up of one of the film strip blocks!


There were unusual quilts on display such as this one, which is probably the most eclectic quilt I have ever seen!  It was made of actual pieces of clothing sewn together.


And there were quilts sewn of different materials like the one Matilda is in front of, a quilt made of painted canvas.


This is the full view of the painted canvas material quilt.


This is a quilt made of all wool material!  Although it is not a Gee’s Bend Quilt, it looked like one to me.

jP1100187 P1100189

Matilda is contributing to a quilt project in progress!


I saw lots of patterns in many different mediums and textures.


 And I enjoyed the many different quilt block patterns found in front of the museum as I finished my time exploring the Quilt and Textiles Museum!

I hope the pieces of life are coming together for you!


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