Have Quilt-Will Travel


I’m taking a trip soon and for the length of time I will be away from home, I know my fingers will get restless, and I’ll want to work on something.  I dug around in my stash pile and pulled out this 27″ x 36″ little top.


  I made this little table top a few years ago from antique squares already sewn together when they were given to me.  After sizing all of the blocks there was not much fabric left for keeping the points sharp.  I added the sashing and the border.  I will be using 100% Cotton Mountain Mist Batting with a solid light blue backing, and light blue quilt thread.


Some people pack their bag as they prepare for a trip. Not me. I spent most of the day preparing this little quilt for travel, marking it, and putting it in a hoop. I’ll be sure to show you pictures of the quilting pattern I chose and how the quilting looks!

I’m, also, excited to show you some of the places I hope to visit…like maybe even a Textile and Quilt Museum!

Can you guess where I’m going?

Naww…I’m not telling you yet!

Love to you,


Harvesting Hops


Over the next month in Oregon, the Hops Fields will be harvested!


The Hops plant is a climbing vine.  Some fields have a single plant per strand of string.  The picture above shows one large plant with strings  on either side for the plant to grow.


This is how the vines of the Hops plant climb and grow around the cord. The vine is thick and is actually pretty strong.


The light green flower is harvested for making beer.


The variety of agriculture grown in the Willamette Valley where I live is fascinating to me.


The Hops Fields have an inviting allure all of their own to them.

Happy Tuesday!  Hope it’s a good one for you!