Update on the Morning Star Wall Hanging


I’ve been working steadily on this wall hanging and wanted to give you an update on where I’m at with the quilting.


Sunset and shadows on the quilt in the quilt room.


Kaya rested while I quilted.  I hustled and finished quilting all four stars to roll the edges once more!


I only have a little more quilting to do to finish off this wall hanging!


I hope things are going well in your ‘neck of the woods’…


and I hope the pieces of life are coming together for you!


A Poem: Lapel



You were a person who happened to have a suit jacket on that day.

Many hands lay upon a young woman standing stiff like a sunflower, head hanging in sadness with a child under two on her hip.

I heard the prayers, but not the words.  I was holding that child on my hip.

I felt the hands slip away from my tense tight back, arms, and shoulders.  You offered your lapel.

My head hung in shame covered with tears of humility.  All I could see was the lapel of your coat.  You were Jesus in a jacket.  For a flash in time, you met me where I was, and you offered me comfort when I could not help myself,  all in a moment on a small lapel.

 -Molly Elizabeth McCabe, 1990


Pictures of Sunflowers from our garden.