Did You Know?

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Did you know all around the United States there are Quilt Trails?  Just like some people enjoy visiting all of the Frank Lloyd Wright Houses built across the U.S., there are others who tour these Quilt Trails, (or barns with quilt patterns on them).

Tillamook Barn Quilt Grey Barn

I just learned this week of a Quilt Barn Trail of 80-100 Quilt Barns in Tillamook County Oregon, only about a 2 hour drive from where I live. More about the Tillamook County Quilt Barn Trail can be found by clicking here:  Tillamook Quilt Trail Web Site.

Tillamook Barn Quilt Trail Green Barn

I am looking forward to doing this tour in Tillamook.  These are a few of the barns I am hoping to see along the trial.

Tillamook Barn Quilt Trail Yellow Rounded Barn

I am not sure my pictures will look much different than these pictures I found on the web, but I have never done one of these Quilt Trails, and as you know I love the allure of old barns and old quilts.  I am totally taken with the idea of a tour like this!

Tillamook Barn Quilt Intense White Colored Barn

According to the Tillamook Coast 2015 Visitor Guide there are over 3,000 Quilt Barns on the East Coast.

Tillamook Barn Quilt Trail Star Quilt

I can’t wait to go and show you more pictures of what I found!

May you find many Quilt Barn Trails on your journeys!


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