Fruit In Our Yard: Tomatoes!


Life On The Vine: Tomatoes are considered a fruit because they have seeds in them.


Here is a fresh batch of tomatoes from our garden!  This makes ten different fruits growing in our yard.


  I thought this was the last post I had to share with you of the fruit growing around our yard, but I was wrong. There is one more, and I will show it to you later.

Take care,


Updates To The Quilting Room


A Batch of Sunflowers with the Quilting Room Building in the Background


The new quilt room outdoor light was installed and is working!  It is very helpful for lighting the way back to the house after an evening of quilting.


The Curtains have been hung on the archway of the sliding glass door to regulate the temperature of the room which was designed for solar heat gain.  The curtains  are holding off the morning sun for as long as possible.


I couldn’t have asked for a better place to quilt year round!

Hope you are well!