On The Quilting Studio by John Ryer


The Quilting Studio

“If you ever want to eat at your dining room table again, help her set up a quilting studio. (It may only be a corner of the bedroom, but she’ll be happier if you call it her studio.)  Her quilting treasures must be stored somewhere.  Better in a studio than piles around the rest of the house.”



“Those boxes of fabric that my wife moved into our matrimonial love-nest multiplied with her trips to the fabric stores.  She explained that this was her palette.  It looked like a bunch of old rags to me, but being a sensitive, modern sort of guy I kept my mouth shut and built fabric shelves.  My wife was amazed (we were still newlyweds).  She said, “I can’t believe it; you went out and bought lumber and actually built me fabric shelves!  Touching stuff, eh?”


~from John Ryer’s Booklet:  A Husband’s Guide to Quilt Appreciation


I found John Ryer’s handy little booklet of 25 pages for my husband back in Pennsyl-Tuck (my way of referencing the Western Pennsylvania and the Kentucky Mountain Folk Area where I grew up).  I am not sure if Ryer ever turned this piece of writing into a hard copy text, (meaning a book…not a text message) or not.

Hope you’re having a great day!


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