The Quilting Room Revealed!


The New Quilt Room Is Ready!  The room was made and decorated with recycled materials…from the windows to the carpets…to the quilt stick wire storage rack!


A light, bright, airy, and quiet space with beautiful scenery is an inviting room to contain my fabric art projects!  I am so excited to have this new space!



The storage rack above the door holds close to 20 different lengths of pine quilt sticks.  These boards can be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot.  I recommend not using sticks made of Douglas Fir wood, as the wood is not soft enough for the tacks to hold the fabric in place.


The ceiling lights are on a dimmer switch and working!  I want to touch up the paint in a few spots and hang two Roman window shades inside the sliding glass door, and this room will be complete!  Someday, I hope to landscape the space around the room with flowers!



This space has two hooks for hanging coats and a wire rack on the wall for holding quilting thread and notions!


Even Soma loves laying in the sun in the room!

I’m preparing the large antique Double Wedding Ring quilt top to be put in the frame.  By preparing the quilt top, I mean, I am checking the seams of the quilt to make sure they are strong, ironing the top on the reverse, or sewn side, and ‘marking the quilt’ with a colored pencil and with quilt stencils to direct what design will be quilted on what part of the quilt.

  I would recommend a quilting space to keep your projects safe and ready to be worked on for anyone who can have one!  Being able to work on quilt projects outside of the hub bub of my house is very peaceful and centering for me!

Thanks for following along on this journey!


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